TV21 Cosmic Capers Kit

1965 TV21 Summer Extra front page
TV21's 1965 Summer Extra front page, announcing the Cosmic Capers Free Gift inside

During its existance, the TV21 magazine lured its readers with free giveaways such as a special agent badge, a press-out Fireball XL5 and a Thunderbirds hat. Another one of those, issued with the 1965 TV21 Summer Extra, was this 'Cosmic Capers Kit', named after the 'Cosmic Capers' humour page. The kit came on a press-out card and consisted of a backing and four sets of strips, each containing head, torso, upper and lower legs of one of four characters: an Aquaphibian and Atlanta Shore from Stingray and Robbie the Robot and Zoonie the Lazoon from Fireball XL5. The left side of the card provided slots where different strips could be fitted. The basic idea was to combine strips from different characters.

Some kind soul posted scans of the Kit online [I can't remember where I found them] and so, in the interest of completeness, I incorporated it in this site. I tried to emulate its functionality with a sprinkling of JavaScript. the card to flip it and then use the buttons to try it out.