The Engale picture postcards

Ever since the inception of their organization, the industrious Fanderson crew have gone to great lengths to preserve all things Anderson. One of the many areas where they deployed their diligence is merchandising. More to the point, Fanderson issued a series of full colour picture postcards somewhere in the early 90s. As I have explained elsewhere, I haven't documented any merchandising beyond the first wave of the 60s, partly because it would be a task of herculean proportions and partly because I hold the opinion that it does not really belong on this site. However, I decided to make an exception in this particular case since the pics Fanderson chose to use are seldom seen anywhere else. Also, please note that the series contained two pics from ufo; since that is not a Supermarionation series, I did not include them in this overview. The complete series featured pics from Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. This page contains all postcards; should you be so inclined, you can view them per series on the pages for Fireball XL5 (1), Stingray (8), Thunderbirds (32), Captain Scarlet (7) and Joe 90 (2).