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For those of you whose interest has been piqued by what can be found in these pages, there is a fanclub out there. Here is a message I cleverly intercepted...

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Hi there, Penny, Jeff here. I've got a hot one for you. Listen to this...

fanderson is the Official Appreciation Society for the works of Gerry Anderson, endorsed by the itc Entertainment Group Space Productions and Gerry Anderson himself — our honorary president. The club covers his television series and films, from the Supermarionation series Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90 and The Secret Service, through the live-action series UFO, The Protectors and Space:1999, the more recent series Terrahawks and Dick Spanner, and beyond to his latest spectacular multi-million dollar live action series Space Precinct.

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Upon joining Fanderson, members receive a club badge, membership card and a special membership item, plus a signed colour photograph of Gerry Anderson and his personal letter of introduction to the club. Throughout the year, members receive six issues of the club's own bi-montly magazine fab which is packed with in-depth articles, detailed episode guides, interviews, competitions and the most up-to-the-minute news on the world of Gerry Anderson. Fanderson members are also given the opportunity to find pen-pals or join a local group to meet new friends and discuss their favourite shows.

Fanderson also organises regular conventions where fans can watch favourite episodes on the big screen, see original models used in the series' stunning special effects, and meet the creators and stars of the shows (both human and puppet!) — club members are eligible for special discount registration rates for these events.

In addition, the club has a range of exclusive merchandise, only available to Fanderson members which includes T-Shirts, books, badges, stationary, audio tapes, cds and video documentaries on the making of UFO and Space:1999.

Remember, fab is not available in the shops — only via Fanderson. No true Gerry Anderson fanatic can be without it! Back issues are also available and are rich in information.

Message received and understood, Jeff. F.A.B.

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Eggcellent! Generral Brron will reward me highly for thees informayshun...

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In case you're wondering: no, I'm not in any way affiliated [I'm not even a member],
I just thought this stuff should be here in the interests of completeness.