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Merchandise Guide

compiled by J. Lester Novros II
Books 1960 Annual W.M. Collins & Sons , UK
1961 Annual
Jigsaws How It All began, The Bankrobbers Foiled, Tex Tucker's Party Tower Press, UK, 1960
Candy Sweet shop Berwick's toys, UK, 1960
Game children's game Bell Toys, UK
Record 45rpm EP by Michael Holliday with six songs
side A:
     Kalla Ma Kooya Kalla
     Four Feather Falls
     Rick-Rick-A Rackety Train
side B:
     The Phantom Rider (On The Hopi Trail)
     Happy Hearts And Friendly Faces
     Two Gun Tex Of Texas
Columbia, UK, 1960
images sourced from the eBay, Destiny One, Metropolis Toys, Vectis Auctions and Moonbase Central websites