JIF Desert toppings
JIF pic 1
Alien Attack!
JIF pic 3
"Ice cream, rice pudding, semolina:
They're swamping the earth
with gooey desserts"
JIF pic 2
Intergalactic Rescue Command:
"Flying saucers..."
"No, flying dishes..."
JIF pic 4
"What shall we do?"
"We'll have to eat them."
JIF pic 6
"Launch J.D.T.'s!"
JIF pic 5
"Nobody can eat
that much semolina."
"We'll have to eat them!"
"We might, with the new J.D.T.'s.
They make desserts delicious!"
JIF pic 7
Semolina is hit by raspberry laser
JIF pic 9
Ice cream is hit by chocolate laser
JIF pic 8
Strawberry laser hits rice pudding
JIF pic 10
Command H.Q. have consumed
large quantities of desserts
JIF pic 12
New J.D.T.'s
JIF pic 11
J.D.T.'s are not only delicious:
They could safeguard
the future of mankind

The above is a more or less faithful reproduction of a brochure made to promote the Jif Dessert Topping cinema commercial from 1977, directed by David Lane and narrated by Ed Bishop, and using Supermarionation technology. It was programmed to run before the main showing of Star Wars (which also came out that year) and, being a Star Wars fan and living in the UK at the time, I was lucky enough (not to mention pleasantly surprised) to see it on the big screen.

A badly mutilated copy of the film was found somewhere in the mid-eighties. The owner had cut the whole filmstrip into separate frames [horror!] to be sold off to collectors. The filmshort was lovingly restored by determining the right order of frames and splicing them together again. This resulted in a somewhat jumpy, but nevertheless watchable copy.

Video copies of the restored commercial circulate among collectors.

With the increasing proliferation of video on the web, a kind soul has posted a link to this advert on YouTube.