fact sheet
head shot of Joe McClaine
Name: Joe MacClaine
Status: Adopted son of Ian and Mary MacClaine
Date of birth: [date unk.], 2056
Age: 10
Series: Joe 90
Voice artist: Len Jones
Source: British Annual

Joe MacClaine was born in Hampstead, London. At the age of 12 months, both of Joe's parents were killed in a auto­mobile accident. Being that there were no relatives able to care for him, Joe's new home was in an orphanage in East London, where he was known only as 'Joe'.

For many years he lived in the orphanage, until one day when on an outing with the other children, an unusual green car caught his eye. Fascinated, Joe broke away from the group for a closer look and climbed inside, behind the seats to see the twin turbines, just as the vehicle drove off, the driver being Ian MacClaine.

On arrival and discovery at the MacClaine household, Joe and the MacClaines, Ian and Mary, immediately became friends. The MacClaines adored their newfound friend so much so that the adoption procedure was started and went through without a hitch, and the little boy who was once only a statistic became a new member of a loving household in Culver Bay, Dorset.

The MacClaines were a happy household until the tragic death of Mary MacClaine in a car accident. During this tragic stage, Joe became very attached to his father, and the electronics he specialized in, especially the B.I.G. R.A.T. the secret device, in collaboration with his special glasses which trigger this knowledge.