Joe's case

a photograph of Joe's case
Part of every schoolboy's uniform, his school case. But this is no ordinary school case – it belongs to Joe 90. It is a lightweight briefcase made of extra-strong, durable plastic and contains his special agents' equipment.
a photograph of the case's normal contents
Opening from the top, the case reveals a geometry set, pencils, pens, mathematical equipment and Joe's school textbooks. By turning the lock clasp anti-clockwise, two concealed compartments are revealed.
a photograph of secret compartment #1
The left-hand compartment contains Joe's glasses, an assignment report book, code and cypher books, a special automatic pistol silencer and the World Intelligence Network's undercover agent's badge. All this equipment specially designed and camouflaged as innocent toys in case of discovery by the enemy.
a photograph of secret compartment #2
The right-hand secret compartment contains an automatic pistol, a special ultra-sensitive, two-way radio-communicator and transmitter, ammunition in the form of two bullet magazines, a map location book and an operative agent's identification book. Again, all camouflaged as toys.
a photograph of the case's transmitter
The two-way radio-communicator keeps Joe 90 in constant contact with win headquarters. It has an unlimited range and can transmit and receive messages through any substance – even under water. A homing device in the aerial allows win headquarters to keep a location check on Joe's position at any time.
a photograph of the case's automatic hand pistol
Joe's lightweight automatic hand pistol can fire 200 rounds of ammunition without reloading. A scale model of the gun issued to all win operatives. Designed by Shane Weston. The pistol is magazine-loading through the butt and fires special, miniature dart-bullets.
a photograph of Joe's glasses
A pair of ordinary glasses in appearance — but these are the big rat glasses. They hold the secret that turns Joe McClaine into wonder Special Agent Joe 90. Built into the stems are twin electrodes which connect to Joe's temples. Once in position, these electrodes trigger all the information induced into Joe by the big rat. Without them, Joe is just an ordinary nine-year-old schoolboy.
Technical information published originally in Joe 90 1968 Annual