cutaway drawing of Mac's Laboratory
Elevating chair in which the subject
sits to receive the brain transfer
Metal arm which lifts the chair into the Rat Trap
The Rat Trap
Psychedelic Traumascope to relax the subject
Computer banks and Video-screens can be
focused on any of the workings of big rat
Video-screens can be focused on any of the workings of the big rat
Video-screens can be focused on any of the workings of the big rat
Circuit adjustment controls for setting up experiments
Power influx panel — changing voice patterns into
brain patterns; then storing for further use
Recessed lightning panels set in underside of roof beams
Control room
Entrance to control room
big rat — Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and Transfer
Brain transference tapes
Steps to lower level (both sides)
Emergency exit through coves of Culver Bay
Part of the well-equipped workshop laboratory
Settee and table for conferences
Massive plastocrete columns and beams
brace walls and roof of the laboratory
Elevator-shaft to cottage above

Technical specifications originally appeared in Joe 90 1968 annual

photograph of the laboratory, showing the BIG RAT on the left with Joe in the chair and the control room on the right
Technical Specifications
name: Laboratory
description: In a secluded spot on the cliffs of Culver Bay, Dover, stands an old Tudor cottage. A cottage that belongs to the world famous scientist, professor McClaine.
Outwardly, the cottage appears to be quite conventional. Inside everything looks normal. But on closer inspection, numerous gadgets can be found — gadgets that will clean the house, wash up, lay the table and stoke the fire.
But there is more. At the press of a button in the ante-room, a panel slides back to reveal an elevator leading beneath the house to the world's most advanced laboratory. It is here where the big rat is housed — the Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and Transfer.
designer: Bob Bell