Compiled by Dennis Nicholson, header art by Graham Bleathman
Annuals Joe 90 1968 and 1969
Joe 90 Top Secret 1969
[hardcovers, 96 pages] City Magazines/Century 21 Publishing, UK
Thunderbirds 1971 [Joe 90 text story] City Magazines Ltd
Countdown 1972 [Joe 90 text story] Polystyle Publications, UK
Badges Artwork, premium offer Lyons Maid, UK
W.I.N. logo, three-colour, plastic pin-on Century 21, UK
W.I.N. logo, plastic pin-on, came free with Pedigree's Joe 90 doll Pedigree, UK
W.I.N. logo, self-adhesive, came free with Dinky's Sam Loover saloon car Dinky Toys, UK 1969
W.I.N. Agents, free gift in Joe 90 Top Secret #3 City Magazines/Century 21 Publishing, UK
metal, showing Joe 90 and W.I.N. logos Lone Star, UK 1968
Set of six, artwork, free gift in 'Sugar Smacks'; Sam, Mac, W.I.N. logo, Joe 90 TV logo, Joe with glasses, Joe without glasses Kelloggs, UK 1968
TV logo, included with birthday cards Hallmark/Century 21, UK
Bags plastic carrier bags [at least 2 different] ??, Japan
Beakers WashingtonPottery, UK
Paperback books
Joe 90 and the Raiders paperback #250, Tod Sullivan, 1968
Joe 90 in Revenge paperback #254, Howard Elson, 1969
Mayfair Books/Armada, UK
Activity books
Storybook JSB-1: Joseph Ninetski and Forbidden Island, 1968
Storybook JSB-2: Appointment with Fear and The Big Steal, 1968
Storybook J-11: The Cracksman and The Homing Pidgeon, 1968
Storybook J-12: Double Agent and Flying Visit, 1969
Dot to dot Book J-3, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Dot to dot Book J-8, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Games Book J-5, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Games Book J-10, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Painting Book J-1, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Painting Book J-6, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Puzzle Book J-2, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Puzzle Book J-7, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Sticker Fun Book J-4, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Sticker Fun Book J-9, storybook with picture to colour, and games, 1968
Dossier [Sutherlands Foods offer, 1968]
City Magazines/Century 21 Publishing, UK
Transfer books
Letraset transfer books Attack of the Tiger and Test Flight, 1968 Letraset, UK
Cards Series of 50, colour photos, 34mm x 64mm: 1968, released as 2 sets, thick and thin card Primrose, UK 1968
Series of 66 bubble gum, colour art and photos, 65mm x 90mm: 1969 Anglo, UK 1969
Birthday, 2 different: Joe running with case and gun; Joe and Mac in Jet Car. Includes badge. Hallmark/Century 21, UK
Coderpass W.I.N., free gift in Joe 90 Top Secret #2 City Magazines/ Century 21 Publishing, UK
Comics Joe 90 Top Secret #s 1 – 34, 18.01.1969, 06.09.1969
TV21 and Joe 90 #s 1 – 40, 1969, Joe 90 comic strip
City Magazines/Century 21 Publishing, UK
Countdown #s 2 – 8 & 16, 1971, Joe 90 comic Strip Polystyle Publications, UK
Japanese Comic Album [colour photo covers, black & white art] ?, Japan
Confectionary Joe 90 milk chocolate wafers McVities, UK
Doll Pedigree, UK
Games Dart Gun Target Game, cardboard target with plastic gun firing rubber-tipped darts Century 21, UK
Guns Repeater Gun Century 21, UK
Home Movies Attack and Destroy # 08-816: 50ft.
Secret Mission #08-818: 50ft.
Joe the Pilot #OB-BB2: 150ft.
b&w, Std./Super 8, silent Arrow Films Ltd, UK
Jig-Saws Joe at Big Rat controls
McClaine and Weston in front of Big Rat
McClaine's Cottage with Jet Car
Joe in his bedroom
17" x 14", large pieces, extra thick board Waddingtons, UK
Holdson, New Zealand
Frame puzzle Koide Shinkosha, Japan
Model Kits
#8712, 4", green styrene, clockwork motor, rubber types, manually operated wings Bandai, Japan
#B-178 8", marketed as 'Mac's Go-1', Joe and Mac figures, clockwork motor, manually operated undercarriages and stabilisers, pop-out wings
#B-179 5½", launches missiles
Imai, Japan
#J-903, very similar to Imai B-178, electric motor, badge pin Tamiya, Japan
polythene, Sugar Smacks premium Kelloggs, UK 1968
card, free gift with Joe 90 Top Secret #1 comic City Magazines/Century 21 Publishing, UK
box art shows Joe and Sam in car outside McClaine cottage Bandai, Japan
from Colonel McClaine episode, electric motor Tamiya, Japan
U-87 Army Truck
from The Race episode
Outfit red tunic & trousers, official Joe 90 hat, special agent badge, mock selftuning thought-pattern glasses. Packed in 'Special Agent's Executive Case'; original price: 49/6d Montrose Products, UK
Plimsolls in at least two different colours with a picture of Joe on the front I.T.P., Japan 1968
Playsuit D. Dekker, UK
Postcards Set of five I.T.P., Japan
Posters Painted Ron Embleton artwork, 21" x 27½" Anglo, UK
Colour photographs montage, 7½" x 24½" #529 Pace International, UK
Projector Joe 90 Give-a-show projector, with colour slides Chad Valley, Hong Kong 1968
For more extensive [and possibly more accurate] information on Barry Gray's music on vinyl and CD, read his discography
original recordings
7" single [B-side of 1981 Thunderbirds theme in picture sleeve] #7P-216
10" LP No Strings Attached #DOW3
audio cassette No Strings Attached #ZCDOW3
12" picture disc #1 #DOWP3
12" picture disc #2 #DOWX3
re-mix 7" single #7PX354
re-mix 7" picture disc single #7PXD354
re-mix 12" single #12PX354
Precision Records & Tapes
cover versions
cover version 12" LP Children's TV Themes #28070185 Contour Records, UK
cover version 12" LP Joe 90 & Dr. Who Themes #SB034 Music World, New Zealand
cover version Casino Classics, UK
Soap House of Romney, UK 1968
Sheet Music #1715 New World Music, UK 1968
Stationary Seika, Japan 1968
Suitcase Joe's case, plastic-moulded with concealed compartments for plastic replica of Joe's pistol with silencer, transmitter, water pistol, glasses and W.I.N. badge. Century 21 Toys, Hong Kong 1968
Jet Car
#102, 139mm, 1969-1976, automatic opening wings & extending tail fins, flashing engine exhaust, independent suspension (the chrome-plated twin engine assembly was later used on the 'Galactic War Chariot' from the same company) Dinky Toys, UK 1969
Joe 90 Car 12" battery-powered via hand-held remote control unit, moving wings, tail fins and working headlights
Century 21 Toys, UK/Hong Kong 1968
Joe 90 Car 12" friction-powered, manually operated wings and tail fins
Kellogg's premium Kellogg's, UK
friction-powered Eidai, Japan
Sam's Car
#108, 111mm, 1969-1975, first of the range to use the keyless clockwork motor, included a small plastic W.I.N. badge, spare tyre size is 16mm, #020 Dinky Toys, UK 1969
7" friction-powered, opening bonnet showing metallised engine Century 21 Toys, UK/Hong Kong 1968
Videos The Amazing Adventures of Joe 90
(compilation of Most Special Agent, Splash Down, Attack of the Tiger, Arctic Adventure)
Precision Video, UK
The Amazing Adventures of Joe 90, #CFV-02972
(re-release of above)
Joe 90 Vol.2, #CFV-05792
unedited episodes, Hijacked, International Concerto, Operation McClaine
Joe 90 Vol.3, #CFV-6002
unedited episodes, The Big Fish, Relative Danger, The Unorthodox Shepherd
Channel 5 Video/Polygram, UK
Walkie-Talkie Radio Set works on the same principle as the two tin cans and string method; included 'Triple Strand Transceiver Cable' string, whistle built into side of the units Lone Star, UK 1968
Viewmaster Reel Attack of the Tiger #B-4561 GAF Corporation, UK 1968
Wallet Seika, Japan 1968
'Zoom' Ice-Lollies Artwork Joe 90 on wrapper Lyons Maid, UK 1969
This compilation ©1987 Dennis Nicholson
header art Graham Bleathman
published originally in Supermarionation Is Go! #18
images sourced from the eBay, Destiny One, Metropolis Toys, Vectis Auctions, Moonbase Central and Big Rat websites