fact sheet
head shot of Sam Loover
Name: Sam Loover
Rank: Deputy head of W.I.N. London
Date of birth: unk.
Age: unk.
Series: Joe 90
Voice artist: Keith Alexander
Source: British Annual

Sam Loover was born in Flagstaff, Arizona. He studied elec­tronics at the Phoenix Technical school, and continued at Stanford University. Here, he met Ian MacClaine who was also studying electronics. Later, Mac returned to England and Sam was hired by the United States Government at the Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral. His job was to upgrade the electronics of the Base's security systems.

Sam's skill brought a rapid promotions through the U.S. security systems, and was made the number one operative of the newly formed World Intelligence Network. Fifteen years of active service made Sam deputy head of W.I.N. London, under command of Shane Weston. Back in England, he found his old friend Ian MacClaine, and became one of the four people who deal with the B.I.G. R.A.T.