cutaway drawing of Sam's car
Ultrasonic videoscan unit; allowing the driver to bring into vision
any one of his 88 operative agents at any given moment and allowing
contact and reports to be made; this also acts as a homing location
finder (see below)
Friction-free float steering which enables the front wheel drive
to swivel on its axis and escape in the opposite direction
Infra-red high power headlamps to cut through
fog for first-rate night vision in any conditions
Electric eye reflector to guide self pilot
Self-seal tyres filled with ionised air which expands
and contracts with the outside temperature, keeping up
a constant pressure; made of revolutionary rubberized
plastic — super hard, super pliable
Ultra-gyro spin drive wheel; can be switched on to give extra
application of power allowing car to reach 500 m.p.h.
Stabiliser vent to keep car road-bound at high speed
Sun and air vent; also used as ejector escape hatch
Seats filled with durable liquid foam which sucks
passenger into seat and holds him by aquamagnetic
suction in event of a collision
Secret compartment and air suction unit; fins attatched
to crossbar act as stabilisers, anti-electro attack and
high-powered antennae for radar communication units
Air intake
Mist is fed from auto-self Venetian pretor flaps, spraying
around car to render it impervious to enemy attacks
cutaway drawing of the dashboard of Sam's car
Map-Auto, speaker receiver unit through which Loover keeps
contact with his operating agents and head office; agents
send coded messages
Messages taped on auto recorder
Taped messages fed into brain-computer
which translates message and vocalises it
Steering unit, fitted with electric eye through
grille for self-pilot operation; buttons on handle
grips switch on ultra-gyro spin wheel and cut power
in emergency stopping — when power is cut the car
slows swiftly
Monitor unit zeroes in on all working parts of the
car, showing them on the screen; this allows Loover
to see when and where maintenance is needed and
to test stress for later improvement
Instruments showing speed, danger, charge, &c.
Control levers
Retractable tray containing micro units
which are concealed within seat
Air conditioning — regulated to keep
constant temperature inside the car
High-frequency switch unit
Television screen on which the position, location and activity
of any agent is relayed to Loover immediately (see above)
Extra-sensory grid – relaying any
unusual noises outside or inside the
cutaway drawing of the wind generator at the back of Sam's car
Special wind generator: the intake of wind at speed builds up
energy and is piped through the car to the engines; generates
enough power to propel the car along at great speed without
Wind inductors, inducing the wind into the fin
Super-sensitive plastic stops any energy being lost
front elevation of Sam's car
front elevation
back elevation of Sam's car
back elevation
side elevation of Sam's car
side elevation
plan of Sam's car

Technical specifications originally published in Joe 90 1968 Annual

front left 3/4 view of Sam's car
Technical Specifications
name: Sam Loover's car
description: All win agents are issued with an assignment car — each car specially designed to aid the agent in every possible way. Sam Loover's is no different. Housed within its guise as an American slim-lined convertible, is intricate equipment to keep Loover in constant contact on his toughest assignment.
designer: Derek Meddings