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Century 21 Television Production in Association with ATV for ITC World-Wide Distribution
©1968 Century 21 and ATV

Production Team

Executive Producer
Reg Hill
David Lane
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Production Controller
Desmond Saunders
Supervising Visual Effects Director
Derek Meddings
Characters Created By
Sylvia Anderson
Music Composed & Directed By
Barry Gray
Lighting Cameraman
Paddy Seale
Art Directors
Gren Knott & Keith Wilson
Camera Operator
Ian Vinson
Script Editor
Tony Barwick
Supervising Film Editor
Len Walter
Supervising Sound Editor
John Peverill
Production Manager
Frank Hollands
Puppet Co-Ordinator
Mary Turner
Visual Effects Production Manager
John Jelly
Puppet Operators
Wanda Webb, Rowena White, Charmaine Wood & Jan King
Tim Cooksey & Plugg Shutt
Iris Richens
Visual Effects – Main Unit Director
Shaun Whittaker-Cooke
Main Unit Lighting Cameraman
Eric Cross
Main Unit Camera Operator
Ted Cutlack
Visual Effects – 2nd Unit Director
Alan Berry
2nd Unit Lighting Cameraman
Ted Wooldridge
2nd Unit Camera Operator
Noel Rowlands
Senior Visual Effects Director
Jimmy Elliot
Mike Trim
Peter Aston
big rat
Century 21 Film Props
Film Editor
Alan Killick
Assistant Director
Brian Heard
Dialogue Synchronisation
James Cowan
Property Master
Peter Holmes
Sound Editor
Alan Pennell
Music Editor
George Randall
Dialogue Editor
Peter Dobson
Sound Re-Recording
Anvil Films Ltd.

Voice Artists

Joe McClaine
Len Jones
Professor McClaine
Rupert Davies
Sam Loover
Keith Alexander
Shane Weston
David Healy
Mrs. Harris
Sylvia Anderson
Additional Voices
Gary Files, Martin King, Jeremy Wilkin