Barry Gray


Theo de Klerk
the original music of each series
1958 Adventures of Twizzle EP HMV 7 EG 8339
Twizzle – Stories And Songs EP HMV 7 EG 8417
1963 Four Feather Falls EP Columbia SEG 7986 (mono)
1991 Michael Holliday – the EP collection CD See For Miles Records SEECD 311 collection of Michael Holliday songs, including some from Four Feather Falls
LP See For Miles Records SEE 311
mc See For Miles Records SEEK 311
2004 Michael Holiday Anthology 3 CD EMI 7243 5 97484 2 9 features five of the songs from the singles, different renditions (stereo)
2011 Four Feather Falls CD CD Fanderson FANFF14 for Fanderson members only
1962 Supercar Flight of Fancy single Peter Pan Records 605 45/78rpm (Supercar Theme)
Supercar Club "Sabotage" flexi disc National LYN 250 (Supercar Club Record)
1998 Supercar/Fireball XL5 CD Fanderson FANSF6 for Fanderson members only
2013 Supercar CD Fanderson FANSC17 for Fanderson members only
1962 Fireball XL5 single Melodisc 1591
Fireball c/w XL5 single Paramount white label promo AMP 45–10424 (released in generic sleeve)
Fireball and Other Titles EP HMV 7EG 8802
Fireball XL5 single HMV POP 1087
1963 XL5 (Zero G) single HMV POP 1148
1998 Supercar/Fireball XL5 CD Fanderson FANSF6 for Fanderson members only
2012 Fireball XL5 CD Fanderson FANXL16 for Fanderson members only
1964 Stingray single Pye 7N 15698
1968 March of the Oysters 12" single Chappell C957 78rpm
2009 Stingray 2 CD Fanderson FANSR12 for Fanderson members only
1966 Thunderbirds Theme single Pye 7N 17016
1966 Great Themes from Thunderbirds EP Century 21 Records MA 116
1967 Thunderbirds Are Go! single United Artists UA 25656 (mono)
LP United Artists ULP 1159 (mono)
LP United Artists SULP 1159 (stereo)
1988 LP Silva Screen Film 018
mc Silva Screen Film C 018
1989 12" picture disc Silva Screen FilmX 018
1992 CD EMI 0777 99966 2 9 EMI re–issue of the original record of 1967 including the EP release of the Shadows "Shooting Star"
CD EMI TOCP 7474 Japanese release same as EMI 1992 UK CD
2003 Thunderbirds – 1 CD Silva Screen FILMCD 606 First of two featuring series incidentals
2004 Thunderbirds – 2 CD Silva SFILMCD 609
Thunderbirds 2 CD Silva Screen SILCD 1195 – 40th anniversary 2nd disc only got 5 tracks from Lady Penelope Themes, FAB and Themes From Thunderbirds EPs
Les Sentinelles de l'Air CD Silva (France) SI 04 10 16 – identical to UK release 2003 Thunderbirds – 1
Thunderbirds World Premiere Release CD Rambling Records RBCS–1081 Japanese re–license of Silva Screen Records "Thunderbirds" Volumes 1 and 2; in 2005 it was released again as 3 disc set
Thunderbird Six CD MGM Music CD001 (mono)
2005 Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary DVD & CD Boxset. 2 CD Granada Ventures (UK) made up from tracks taken from Silva Screen Records CD’s "Thunderbirds" Volumes 1 and 2
Thunderbirds "Collection" 3 CD Rambling Records RBCS 1094 Japanese re-license of Silva Screen Records "Thunderbirds" Volumes 1 and 2 plus the music tracks from Silva Screen Records "The Best of Thunderbirds".
2012 Thunderbirds EP Silva Screen SIL71400 limited edition (700) blue vinyl record, first in a series of five
2013 Great Themes from Thunderbirds CD Fanderson MA 116 for Fanderson members only; re-issue of mini-EP of 1966 with additional bonus tracks in stereo
2014 Thunderbirds are Go / Thunderbird 6 bluray Twilight Time Twilight-90BR Limited release of 1500 copies, features a separate score-only audio track with music from both films plus the Shadows tracks "Lady Penelope" and "Shooting Star" as backing track without vocals
Thunderbirds are Go / Thunderbird Six CD Lala Records LLLCD 1306 Limited edition of 1200 copies featuring the true incidentals of "Thunderbirds are Go"
Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds bluray Concorde Video German re-release of the 2014 Twilight Zone Bluray with both feature films only but added German audio soundtrack
2015 Thunderbirds 50 Years 4 CD Fanderson FABTB19 for Fanderson members only four CDs with music strung in episodic suites, covering 31 of the 32 "Thunderbirds" episodes as "Cry Wolf" consists only of music from other episodes
1967 Captain Scarlet single Pye 7N 17391
2003 Captain Scarlet CD Silva Screen FILMCD 607
Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons CD Rambling Records RBCS–1084 Japanese re–license of Silva Screen FILMCD 607
2012 Captain Scarlet EP Silva Screen SIL71401 limited edition (700) red vinyl record, second in a series of five
2015 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons 3 CD Fanderson FANCS20 for Fanderson members only
1968 Joe 90 single Pye 7N 17265
2006 CD Silva Screen SILCD 1209
2013 EP Silva Screen SIL71402 limited edition (700) yellow vinyl record, third in a series of five
2017 4 CD Fanderson FANJO 23 for Fanderson members only, series incidentals
2018 Doppelgänger / Journey to the Far Side of the Sun CD Fanderson Records FANDO22 for Fanderson members only, contains mono and stereo recording sof the movie's soundtrack plus the only library music piece used in the film
2007 The Secret Service CD Fanderson FANSS11 for Fanderson members only
2003 UFO 2 CD Fanderson FANU10 for Fanderson members only
2004 UFO LP Trunk Records 0666017078519 limited edition of 500 records, features a selection from the Fanderson–only double CD release of 2003
2009 UFO – 40th Anniversary Edition 2 CD Fanderson Records FANUF13 for Fanderson members only, identical to the original release of 2003 but 14 tracks have been modified or added
1976 Space:1999 LP RCA ABL1 1422
1976 Black Sun 12" single RCA DJL1-1771 promo single
1998 Space 1999: Year 1 2 CD Fanderson FANSF7 for Fanderson members only
2004 CD Silva Screen FILMCD608 part–release of the 1998 Fanderson double CD
2004 CD Rambling Records RBCS–1085 Japanese re–license of the Silva Screen Records release
2010 bluray Network 7957007 collection of 7 discs with all episodes of Year One with an additional score–only audio track for music
2010 DVD Network 7953485 collection of 7 discs with all episodes of Year One with an additional score–only audio track for music
2013 Space:1999 EP Silva Screen SIL71403 limited edition (700) purple vinyl record, fourth in a series of five
2014 Space:1999 Year One 40 Years 3 CD Fanderson Records FANSP18 for Fanderson members only, combination of Barry Gray's compositions with library music
1965 TV21 Themes EP Century 21 Records MA 105
1965 Lady Penelope Themes EP Century 21 Records MA 111
1967 Captain Scarlet Themes EP Century 21 Records MA 136
1979 Highlights from the Filmharmonic '79 LP United Artists UAG 30281
1981 No Strings Attached 10" EP Precision Records/Tapes DOW3
mc Precision Records/Tapes ZCDOW3 (mono)
1986 12" picture disc Precision Records/Tapes DOWP3 re–issue of 1981 10" LP
12" picture disc Precision Records/Tapes DOWX3 Xmas re–issue of 1981 10" LP
Joe 90/Captain Scarlet square 7" picture disk Precision Records/Tapes 7PXD354
1987 Thunderbirds Theme single Precision Records/Tapes PRT 7P 216 (mono) re–issue of 1966 single plus Joe 90 theme
1987 Music from the 21st Century
by Barry Gray
EP Primitive Records MAF1 for Fanderson members only
1988 Music from the 21st Century
by Barry Gray — Volume 2
EP Primitive Records MAF2 for Fanderson members only
1990 No Strings Attached CD Castle Classics CLACD 204 (mono) CD release of 1981 vinyl record
CD SLC INC. SLCS–5001 Japanese licensed release of Castle Classics CD
1992 CD Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS 5001 Japanese release of Castle Classics CD
1999 No Strings Attached – Digitally Remastered LP Cinephile CINLP 011 same as original CD by that name but re-sampled and with an added bonus track March of the Oysters
CD Cinephile CINCD 011 same as original CD by that name but re-sampled and with an added bonus track March of the Oysters
2004 Sleeping Astronauts And Other Space Themes CD Fanderson FANS11 for Fanderson members only
2005 International Concerto CD Fanderson FANIC12 for Fanderson members only
2007 TV Themes from Captain Scarlet CD Fanderson MA136 for Fanderson members only re-release of 1967 mini-ep includes stereo versions of Monkees' Theme, Man in a Suitcase and Mysterons Theme
2009 Standby For Action – Music of Barry Gray CD Silva Screen SILCD 1279
CD Rambling Records RBCS–1093 Japanese re–license of Silva Screen SILCD 1279
Dr. Who and the Daleks/
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
CD Silva Screen SILCD1244 soundtrack of two films Barry Gray did electronic music and effects for
2010 TV21 Themes CD Fanderson MA105 for Fanderson members only re–issue of 1965 mini–EP plus additional tracks Century 21 March, Supercar, Fireball XL5
2011 Lady Penelope Themes CD Fanderson MA111 for Fanderson members only re–issue of 1965 mini–EP plus additional tracks Lady Penelope, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Beverly Hillbillies, Parker, Bewitched, Aqua Marina
2013 Cass Carnaby Five EP Silva Screen SIL71404 limited edition (700) white transparent vinyl record, fifth in a series of five
2016 Dr. Who and the Daleks/
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
2 LP Silva Screen SILLP 1244 limited 1500 copy, gatefold sleeve, vinyl release of the 2009 CD release
2017 FAB Grooves 2 LP + CD Fanderson FANLP 01 for Fanderson members only stereo double LP in gatefold sleeve, CD added as extra
1959 Nursery Rhymes sung by Vera Lynn single mono DECCA DFE 6593 traditional rhymes arranged and directed by Barry Gray
More Nursery Rhymes sung by Vera Lynn mono DECCA DFE 6603 traditional rhymes arranged and directed by Barry Gray
1962 Vera Lynn – Songs for Children mono DECCA DFE 6248 Barry Gray and his orchestra playing songs written by Roberta Leigh
Supercar Columbia DB 4839/Peter Pan Records (USA)
1963 mono Capitol CL15309
The wonderful World of Nursery Rhymes LP Decca OSPA 485 54 nursery rhymes, 19 of them arranged by Barry Gray
mc Decca KCSP 485 54
CD Decca 442 8681 (Universal Classics, Austalia)
Robot Man / Just the same as I do single Philips 326587 BF Barry Gray & The Spacemakers follow–up to Fireball/I’m Alone Again; vocalist Mary Jane ("nom de plume" for Eula Parker who also sings the Space Age Nursery Rhymes)
1967 Space Age Nursery Rhymes EP Century 21 Records MA 117
2010 Space Age Nursery Rhymes CD Fanderson MA117 for Fanderson members only re–issue of the 1967 mini EP
2011 Stand By For Adverts LP Trunk Records JBH039LP (62 tracks) jingles and commercial music composed and conducted by Barry Gray
CD Trunk Records JBH039LP (81 tracks)
2013 Gerry Anderson SFX DVD Collection Soundtrack The Best CD Rambling Records for Deagostini RBCP–2607 re–licensed from both Silva Screen Records and Rambling Records, released by Deagostini as part of their publication "Gerry Anderson SFX DVD Collection" contains the tracks from the 2009 "Stand By For Action" CD
a short selection of fairly faithful renditions made over the years
1966 The Shadows — Thunderbirds Are Go! EP Columbia SEG 8510
1968 The Shadows — Thunderbirds Are Go! LP Odeon OP 8108 for the Japanese Shadows fanclub
1976 The Shadows — Rarities LP EMI 5C038 06250
1980 The Shadows — Thunderbirds Are Go! 12" single EMI K052Z 07330 12" reissue of original EP
1990 Variations on Barry Gray mc Fanderson MC MAF3 for Fanderson members only performed by François Evans
1990 Project 90 12" single Tape Records SPV1T
CD Tape Records SPV1CD
1990 MC Parker – Thunderbirds are Go 12" single Telstar 12 FAB 1
7" single Telstar FAB 1
7" picture disc Telstar 12 FAB P1
CD single Telstar FAB CD1
1 sided flexi disc Kellogg's Frosties cereal give–a–way
1990 Stingray – Standby for Action 12" single Telstar 12 FAB 1
7" single Telstar FAB 2
1990 Power90 Themes LP Telstar STAR 2430 disco mixes of the original music
mc Telstar STAC 2430
CD Telstar TCD 2430
1990 The Shadows – The EP Collection CD See For Miles Records SEE CD 246
1991 Thunderbirds 6 CD Jimco Records (Japan) JIMS 1000 Six 2–track 3" CD singles basically identical to Power Themes 90 but also containing tracks from the Thunderbirds are Go, Stingray megamix and Prisoner singles
The Shadows — Rarities 2 CD Rainbow Music Group 053/054 extended copy of 1976 LP
1992 FAB – Music from the TV Shows
by Barry Gray
CD Silva Screen FILMCD 124 renditions performed by the Royal Philharmonic, conducted by Kostatin Pavlov
Thunderbirds CD Apollon APCF 5117 Japanese release of the "FAB music from the tv shows by Barry Gray" 1992 Silva Screen release
The A to Z of British TV Themes
from the Sixties and Seventies
CD Play it Again PLAY 004
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. cult tv classics CD Silva Screen Film CD 712
mc Silva Screen Film 712
Thunderbirds BGM 4 CD Bandai BCCM 9005R Japan 4 CDs with 3 Japanese dramatisations of the following episodes: Trapped in the Sky/Terror in New York City/Security Hazard — the 4th CD contains stereo near-original renditions of the incidental music used in these episodes
1993 TV Classics 4 CD Castle Communications MBSCD 412
1993 Theme From Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons CD The Total Record Co. CD BASS 1 promo CD single, release date 29 nov 1993 tracks played by Cloud–Bass
1994 The A–to–Z of British TV Themes Vol 2 CD Play 006 the only compilation record at the time containing a Four Feather Falls track
1995 This is Cult Fiction CD Virgin VTCD 59
1996 TV greatest hits (Vol 5) 60’s and 70’s 2 CD TVT 1200
1996 Cliff Richard at the Movies 2 CD EMI 7243 8 52790 2 7 collection of songs sung by Cliff Richard in various movies, including Thunderbirds are Go
1996 Thunderthemes are go CD Castle Communication Plc CD SUMCD 4104 includes all 8 tracks from "No Strings Attached" and a further 12 non–Barry Gray themes.
1997 This is... Cult Fiction Royale 2 CD Virgin VTDCD 151 this compilation is popular because it also contains the title theme to The Protectors (not by Barry Gray), CD1 track 14 Avenues and Alleyways (3:18 vocal Tony Christie)
1997 The Shadows at Abbey Road CD EMI 7243 8 23042 2 7 collection of odd tracks recorded at Abbey Road
1997 Cult Files Reopened 2 CD Silva Screen FILMXCD 192 American release: SSD 1085 all tracks are played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and in different arrangements conducted by Nic Raine and Derek Wadsworth (of Space 1999 Year 2 fame)
1999 The A to Z of Fantasy Film Themes 2 CD Silva Screen RVPMCD 806 only the small print shows they are not originals and mostly performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Some are conducted by Derek Wadsworth (of Space:1999 Year 2 fame). Many tracks are suites of themes from a series. All sci–fi tracks also feature on "The Cult Files–Reopened".
1999 Gerry Anderson’s Evocation CD EMI 7243 4 96612 2 6 odd collection of themes presumably selected by Gerry Anderson. It contains the end title march of "Thunderbirds are Go" (now also available on the 2014 release of its almost complete soundtrack) as well as the Lavender Castle theme (not by Barry Gray but Crispin Merrill) that has sofar not been released.
2000 Space 3 – beyond the final frontier 2 CD Silva Screen FILMXCD 332 non–original versions by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra but up to 2018 (when Fanderson released the original soundtrack to the film) it was the only known CD to contain a suite of Doppelgänger music (not a very faithful rendition at that)
2001 Thunderbirds CD Tokuma Communications TKCA–72161 Japanese release, re–issue of the Japanese 1992 "Thunderbirds" CD Apollon APCF 5117, which was also released in the UK by Silva Screen Records, under the new title of "FAB – Music from the TV Shows by Barry Gray"
2002 Thunderbirds BGM for TV Program CD Tokuma Communications Japan TKCA–72328 re–issue of "Thunderbirds BGM" by Imai in 1992, supplied with a bonus DVD containing a small set of commercials for Imai Thunderbirds toys
2002 100 Greatest TV Themes 4 CD Silva Screen Records PMCD 807 compilation of rendition themes mostly by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Joe 90 lifted from "Cult Files Reopened", looks like an extended version of "Battlestar Galactica – The A–Z of Fantasy TV Themes"
2003 UFO 2 CD Neoplexx NPPX–20 Japanese release overlaps with Fanderson CD release but has other tracks. Reasonably faithful to the original incidental music, but definitely a rendition of these. CD1 has 41 tracks. Oddly track 2 is a Thunderbirds March (not original, used in Japan during Interceptor launches). CD 2 has 41 tracks, including one that seems an extended Doppelgänger Sleeping Astronauts theme. Music could easily have fitted on 1 CD
2005 ITV 50 Cult Themes 2 CD Granada Media Group/Virgin Records VTDCD 748, 49 tracks of TV Themes, many identical to "This is... cult fiction royale"
2005 Tribute to Thunderbirds CD Shinsha Organization VPCC–84434 without a doubt one of the most unusual, and some may say bizarre, collections of cover versions of the Thunderbirds theme and some incidentals, by a wide variety of Japanese artists
2011 British Teen Rarities 1960–1965 MP3 Rare Rockin Records Google Play records contains the track "Robot man" from the single of 1963
2014 UFO/Space 1999 7" single Record Shack RS.45–007 T.P.S. (The Preservation Society)
2016 Thunderbirds CD Denon COCQ–85289 Jun–ichi Hirokami & Tokyo Garden Orchestra
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published originally in SoundTrack magazine, Vol. 12, #47
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