Anglo bubble gum cards

Anglo wrapper blue version Anglo wrapper green version Anglo wrapper red version
three different card wrappers
picture showing two Angel jets, Cloudbase and the Spectrum helicopter at the top, the Maximum Security Vehicle, the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and the Spectrum Patrol Car at the bottom, with a tableau showing colonel White sitting a desk with lieutenant Green and an Angel pilot standing behind him, the three of them flanked by captains Blue and Scarlet
the illustration on the card backs
drawing of a Spectrum captain throwing a grenade at an exploding armoured vehicle drawing of captain Scarlet ejecting from a burning, crashing plane

Keen-eyed viewers might have noticed that this is actually the cardset issued in the Netherlands by Monty. The only difference between this set and the original Anglo cards is the text on the card: the Anglo cards read '© 1967 A.T.V. Overseas Ltd.' on the left side of the programme logo and 'Anglo Confectionary Ltd.' on the right side while on the Monty cards it says '© Century 21 Merchandising ltd. 1969' and 'Monty Factories Leiden-Holland' respectively.

images sourced from the Catawiki website