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head shot of captain Scarlet Barrats card back
captain scarlet
Captain Scarlet was born in Winchester, England on December 17th 2036. Real name Paul Metcalfe. He was one of the most brilliantly gifted members of Spec­trum before a strange twist of fate made him Earth's asset in the fight against the Mysterons. For six hours he was under their control but recovered to find he had retained the power of retrometabolism. From that fateful day he was virtually indestructible.
head shot of Melody Angel Barrats card back
melody angel
Melody, by hard work and dedication, made herself the most brilliant pilot in the World Army Air Force. It was then only a matter of time before Spectrum asked her to join the Angel team. On duty Melody is a pillar of strength. Tough, full of determination and always ready with a word of encouragement. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 10th 2043, and her real name is Magnolia Jones.
a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle Barrats card back
a spectrum saloon
A five seater saloon car, fast and versatile, capable of speeds exceeding 15O m.p.h. The 18 ft. long body is made from a specially developed lightweight alloy, Fleet­onium. The tyres and windscreen are bullet-proof and the car is driven by a power turbine, and a special feature is the fanned exhaust which throws the fumes clear of other vehicles. The brakes are magnetic drums and the suspension independent.