fact sheet
Adam Svenson
Name: Adam Svenson
Rank: Captain
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: August 26th, 2035
Age: 32
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Ed Bishop
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Born Adam Svenson on August 26, 2035 in Boston, Massa­chusetts, U.S.A., Captain Blue is one of the five active agents attached to the Spectrum organisation.

The eldest son of a wealthy financier, Blue was bril­liant at school, winning a full scholarship into Harvard University at only 16. Attaining first-class honours in economics, technology, computer control, applied mathe­matics and aerodynamics, he seemed destined for an out­standing business career.

But much to the disappointment of his father, Blue enrolled with the World Aeronautic Society, intent on becoming a test pilot. The thrilling dangerous life of a top test pilot appealed to Blue's love of excitement and fast action. Having outstanding courage and drive, he was renowned as a fearless pilot.

Seeing Blue's abounding energy and vitality, his superiors transferred him to the security department of the service to become an active agent. At first Blue was dismayed, but soon realised the challenge his new job provided as the security department of the World Aeronautic Society was constantly being infiltrated by enemy agents.

With twenty trusted hand-picked men, Blue started to tackle this immense problem. Hampered, never knowing who was a double or double double agent, Blue had many set-backs. Three desperate attempts were made on his life in the first six months! But with his enthusiasm, deter­mination and ruthlessness, he finally succeeded in the aim to bring the reign of sabotage and infiltration to an end.

Blue's fantastic success story, with his ability to get results whatever the odds, his strong personality and vitality, attracted the Spectrum selection committee.

On duty, Blue is the ideal partner, inspiring all those who work with him on tough assignments. Off duty he keeps his forceful personality, but develops endless patience. He loves the active out-door life, and takes every opportunity to fly down to the eastern coast of Australia, where he water-skis, surfs and goes deep-sea harpoon fishing.

Ed Bishop (June 11, 1932 — June 8, 2005) was an American film, television, stage, radio and voice actor based in the United Kingdom.