clamsub cutaway drawing
Periscopes radar and radar aerials (retracted)
Periscope monitor room with manual scopes
and picture control for TV relay to bridge
Missile silo
Chart room and missile control room
Access hatch
Circulation pumps
Heat exchangers
Aft escape hatch
Engine room
Diesel electric generator
Reverse gearbox.
Standby electric propulsion motor
High pressure turbine
Low pressure turbine
Auxiliaries for lightning airconditionlng etc.
Compressed air launching cylinders
Six-bladed propeller held clear of hull eddies on long shaft housing
Steering rudders
Crew's quarters
Midships hydroplane and actuating gear
Continuous delivery rack for torpedoes and underwater missiles
launch tubes
light VTOL plane for reconnaissance and ship-shore lifts
forward hydroplane
Missile launchers, fired singly or in salvoes of nine
Missile store

Technical specifications published originally in Captain Scarlet 1969 Annual

Technical Specifications
name: Spectrum Clamsub
description: Five World Navy Clam class submarines were modified and seconded to Spectrum when the organisation was formed. Now heading for obsolescence with the introduction of the Barracuda class, the Clams have had a successful run as patrol and escort vessels.
length: 420 feet
beam: 60 feet
weight: 7000 tons, fully submerged
designer: Mike Trim