cloudbase computer cutaway drawing
The 'cortex', or brain, of the Computer
Impulse decoder; this is a form of microwave unit which can
handle hundreds of signals and frequencies simultaneously
The frequency multiplier which boosts sound-waves and
arranges them in pulsating order into the scanning circuits
Frequency scanning unit; this panel is fed with neon gas which
illuminates the circuit, the pulse frequencies are picked up by
photo-electric cells
The scanner; all Information from the 'outside' scanner
is fed into this part of the Computer, after sweeping
through the telecommunications module
Memory unit; this holds the vast store of information
and knowledge which is fed into the Computer
Junction box; this connects the cortex with the memory unit
The programmer is the unit into which information is computed
for storage, and then extracted for immediate use
Moving travelator, enabling Lieutenant
Green easy accesss to the control panel

Technical specifications originally published in Scarlet/Thunderbirds 1970 annual


The most essential piece of equipment housed on Cloudbase is the Computer. It is Spectrum's first link when opposing the Mysterons. This vast storagebrain is responsible for deciphering Mysteron threats, and for every further action Spectrum effects to try to defeat Earth's worst enemy.

Without the Computer, Spectrum – and even the world – would most certainly have been crushed.

Much praise must go to Lieutenant Green for his expert handling and versatile programming of this machine.

The fundamental section of the Computer is its memory bank. Here, every scrap of known information is recorded and filed — for possible later use. From all over the world, information is radioed automatically through the telecommunicatlons cells, where it is identified, sorted and passed on for storage.

All Spectrum personnel have channels built into their radio-transceivers to link them with the Computer's cells. Every member of the staff must make at least two daily reports to this vast machine. Other information is relayed through Spectrum's communications section.

Every leading Earth city has an Information Bureau, linked up to Cloudbase and the Computer.

designer: Bob Bell