cloudbase medicbay cutaway drawing
Operating theatre; it is here that a special unit has been
installed to aid the speedy recovery of Captain Scarlet
Operating table; a uniuqe aid-control anaesthetises
any patient as soon as he lies on the table
Life recovery unit; this piece of equipment
is used for the recovery of Captain Scarlet
X-Ray computer
Decontamination chamber; here patients can receive an
immediate decontamination operation from radio-active
influence, in less than a minute
Out-patients' surgery, where minor ailments and wounds are treated
Cloudbase/Spectrum personal, medical document
file; medical records on all Spectrum personnel
are housed here in tape and microfilm form
Chief surgeon's office, always manned by Doctor Fawn
Men's recovery ward
Nurses' quarters
Bathroom facilities; spa treatment, physiotherapeutic aids
Women's pre- and post-operational ward; also recovery ward
Equipment store; all apparatus housed within this store
room is constantly under complete sterilisation
Men's pre- and post-operational ward; the beds are
computered to administer the correct recovery
treatment scientifically, all wards are serviced
by a robot medical orderly
Pathological and medical experimental laboratory

Technical specifications originally published in 1970 Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet annual

cloudbase medicbay

A vital department in the Spectrum organisation is the medic-bay. Situated on the bottom deck of the huge Cloudbase headquarters, it is run entirely under the supervision of Doctor Fawn, an Australian.

It is here that the most sophisticated equipment in existence is housed — designed and developed by Spectrum scientists.

It is in this medic-bay that Doctor Fawn works near-'miracles' in the recovery unit for Spectrum's indestructible Captain Scarlet! Without this department and the genius of Doctor Fawn, supported by his hightly efficient medic-crew, the Spectrum Organisation would be severely depleted.