fact sheet
Juliette Pontoin
Name: Juliette Pontoin
Rank: Angel pilot
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: August 23d, 2040
Age: 27
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Liz Morgan
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Paris. The birthplace Juliette Pontoin who now is Destiny Angel.

Born on August 23, 2040 daughter of a wealthy textile manufacturer, Destiny was educated at Paris convent and Re University. Although she loved university, she inclined to enjoy the social life rather than studying and only passed her degrees in tele-communications and wealth control.

Not knowing exactly what career to take up, she decided to join the World Army Air Force as a in job. Because of her unusual qualifications and interest in work, she was switched to the Intelligence Corps. Destiny became so enthusiastic in her work that she decided to make Intelligence her career after all.

Training as a pilot was part of her job, and Destiny was soon known among the W.A.A.F. officials for her flying skill as well as her brilliant handling of Intelligence work and ruthless efficiency in dealing with difficult assignments. She did her job superbly, quashing many enemy organisations.

As a reward for her amazing abilities and tremendous contribution to the service, the W.A.A.F. promoted her to commanding officer of the newly initiated Women's Fighter Squadron. Excelling herself in fighter tactics and bril­liant leadership, Destiny soon won the respect and admi­ration of all other Squadrons, and became ace pilot of the W.A.A.F.

However, after three years in the force, Destiny grew tired of the lack of personal freedom due to the strict regimentation. Making up her mind to leave, she started her own firm of flying contractors.

For her tremendous prowess in the field of Intelligence, her faultless record with the W.A.A.F., and her amazing ability in piloting, Destiny was approached by Spectrum and happily accepted the offered job as one of the Angels.

Destiny is utterly ruthless and totally efficient on duty. But, as soon as she's off duty her personality changes. She is charming, sophisticated and very, very feminine. Extremely fashion conscious, she is a wizard at designing and making her own clothes.