fact sheet
Edward Wilkie
Name: Edward Wilkie
Rank: Supreme Medical Commander
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: July 10th, 2031
Age: 36
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Charles Tingwell
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Yalumba, Australia, is where Edward Wilkie was born on July 10, 2031; now code-named Doctor Fawn, whose job on Spectrum is Supreme Medical Commander of Cloudbase.

The son of a prominent Australian specialist, it seemed inevitable that Fawn should take up his father's career and become a doctor. Gaining very high standards in medicine at school, Fawn entered Brisbane University at only 17. Gradu­ating with honours degrees in biology and medicine, he joined the World Medical Organisation as Medical Assistant Controller in the Australian sector.

His short stay with this small sector gained him valuable background experience, and he soon recognised the growing need to modernise the service: a service that was still run on the concepts and ideals of the twentieth century.

After being promoted to Health Controller of the Scandi­navian sector, he evoted all his spare time planning the re-organisation of W.M.O. In two years he made astounding progress and had outlined a system that would revolutionise this vital service.

His first steps were in robot doctors. Fawn developed robots that had "minds" of their own and thought for themselves! Equipped with piercing, ultra-sensitive X-ray eyes, these mechanical geniuses could pin-point patients' complaints in seconds.

The W.M.O. then made Fawn Administrator for the Advance­ment of Medicine and gave him all the resources, capital and manpower he required to put his brilliant plan into practice.

For his totally unselfish attitude towards medicine and his outstanding ability to develop and discover new ways of healing, he was approached by Spectrum.

On duty, Fawn is completely dedicated to his work, work that frequently takes up twenty-four hours of the day. He never gets tired and refuses to stop working until every problem or case has been cleared up. Even off duty, he spends most of his time in research, trying to perfect and improve his robot doctors.