fact sheet
Seymour Griffiths
Name: Seymour Griffiths
Rank: Lieutenant
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: January 18th, 2041
Age: 26
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Cy Grant
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Seymour Griffiths, code-named Lieutenant Green, was born on January 18, 2041 at Port of Spain, Trinidad, and is the right-hand man to Colonel White. Through him all White's orders for the Spectrum organisation are passed on.

First educated at the local High School with his five brothers and three sisters. Then at Kingston University, Jamaica, where he gained degrees in music, tele-communica­tions and technology. While studying for his postgraduate diploma, he experimented and finally constructed a pocket radio-telescope, the first in the world!

After university, Green enrolled in the World Aquanaut Security Patrol as a junior hydrophones operator. On active service with the Submarine Corps, his quick thinking and alertness saved the sub many times from destruction by undersea enemy attacks.

But after working on a dangerous assignment In which his brother was tragically killed, Green requested a transfer to the land-based WASP communications centre. The request granted, Green took anadvanced course incom-munications, passing with an unbelievablelOO percent in nine of the ten exams taken, a previously unheard of achievement.

WASP soon recognised his potential and made him sole commander of communications installations at the Marine­ville Control Tower.

So efficiently did the Marineville Control Tower run under Green's supervision that WASP officials created a new communications section, manned by twenty skilled operators to be put directly under the command of Green. A challenge that Green quickly showed his superiors he could capably handle.

Spectrum, realising this man's expert knowledge and experience in communications and fine ability to control his workers, suggested he should join the organisation. Green accepted immediately and took up his new position as Chief Controller of Spectrum.

On duty, Green is alert and calm, never allowing himself to be flustered, worried or annoyed. Off duty, he relaxes completely and is full of fun, gay and boisterous. He adores music, especially the West Indian calypso. He frequently delights the other agents by playing his guitar and singing traditional songs.