fact sheet
Chan Kwan
Name: Chan Kwan
Rank: Angel Pilot
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: June 19th, 2042
Age: 25
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Lian Shin
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Born in Tokyo on June 19, 2042, Harmony's real name is Chan Kwan. Only daughter of a wealthy flying-taxi owner, she grew up in the world of highspeed jets.

After being educated at Tokyo High and then at finishing school in London, Harmony realised that the only career she wanted was flying. But at her father's wishes, she went to Tokyo University and took a degree in physics and aero­dynamics. However, every minute of her spare time was taken up flying with friends at the Tokyo Flying Club. Although she obtained grade-one honour degrees, her only ambition now was to pilot a small jet single handed around the world!

So Harmony spent the next two years perfecting her flying skill. With the money given to her by her father, she bought a second-hand single-seater plane. She then spent the next three months "souping-up" and converting it to her personal requirements. On March 2, 2064 she set off on her lonely trip around the world.

Her first attempt failed. For after thirty-six hours of solo flying she received a weak SOS from three men stranded and helpless on a blazing tanker. With brilliant piloting and split-second action, she landed on the ship's deck. Rescuing the exhausted men, she flew back to land squeezed tighter together than sardines. A remarkable feat. The rescue a success, the men saved, she was acclaimed a hero the world over.

Six months later her ambition was realised when single-handed she flew non-stop around the world breaking all previous records. Later that year her father died, leaving her in full command of his business, Peking Taxi Corps. Within a year, under her management, Peking Taxi Corps expanded into the largest and fastest flying-taxi service in the world.

It was this amazing skill, dedication to a cause and fantastic flying skill, that made her the unanimous choice of Spectrum. So Chan Kwan became Harmony Angel.

On duty Harmony is truly devoted to the service and is regarded as their best pilot. Off duty she is full of Eastern charm and femininity. She loves sport, and spends hours in the gym practising and teaching the other Angels karate and judo.