hovercraft cutaway drawing
Control cabin; forward seats and consoles for
pilot and co-pilot, those at rear for observers
Rear compartment with exit doors, stores and eating
and resting facilities for use on long patrols
Instrument nacelle recording windspeed, airspeed, &c.
Fixed rotor pre-spins air
Revolving rotor drives air downwards to air cushion outlets
Bevel-box and drive serving rotor
Tailplane and rudder
Drive motor
Transformer and standby battery
Thermionic converter, generates electric current by heat action
Primary heat exchanger
Neutron generator
Compressor turbine
Secondary heat exchanger heats air fuel mixture
Reheat booster
Fuel tank
Fuel pump
Air pump pressurises lower fuel tank as fuel is withdrawn
Cable ducts in rotor funnel walls
Airstream to cushion outlets
Inflated curtain prevents loss of aircushion

Technical specifications published originally in Captain Scarlet 1969 Annual

Technical Specifications
name: Spectrum Hovercraft
designer: Mike Trim