fact sheet
Patrick Donaghue
Name: Patrick Donaghue
Rank: Captain
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: May 17th, 2034
Age: 33
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Gary Files
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Captain Magenta, born in Dublin on May 17, 2034, under the name of Patrick Donaghue, is the odd man out from the other Spectrum agents.

When he was three, his parents emigrated to America, settling in a very poor New York suburb. Magenta grew up in an atmosphere of poverty and crime, where learning to become a pick-pocket was more important than learning to read and write!

But encouraged by his mother, he worked hard at the local High School and won a scholarship to Yale University. At Yale he soon joined the dare-devil, trouble-making extremists Group 22, and went to prison for his part in the "Anti-Bereznik" riot.

Graduating with degrees in physics, electrical engi­neering and technology, he joined a large Brooklyn firm as a computer programmer. But the boring routine of his job made him long for the life of high adventure, action and big money.

So Magenta turned to crime, organising a small but efficient crime syndicate operating in New York. Within two years, through his ambitious, imaginative and ingenious mind, he was highly regarded and respected in the under­world and became a big-time operator controlling two-thirds of New York's crime organisations. He was a mastermind in crime, being meticulous in detail and utterly ruthless.

The Spectrum selection committee realised that they would need a man like Magenta, who was respected and trusted in the underworld, if their security organisation was to succeed. Someone to work on the "inside", getting to the heart of criminal activity. For this reason, Spectrum contacted Magenta by placing an advert in the Daily U.S.A. offering him the Job of an agent. This new challenge interested Magenta and he accepted, on the terms being granted a free pardon by the World Government.

On duty, he is brilliant taking on each new mission as a personal challenge and dedicating himself to succeed whatever the danger. On duty, he is charming and witty. Although he likes to be in other people's company most of the time, he occasionally feels like being alone to think. Then he sets about his spare time occupation of designing ways to make World Government security buildings even more impregnable.