fact sheet
Richard Fraser
Name: Richard Fraser
Rank: Captain
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: February 23d, 2035
Age: 32
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Jeremy Wilkin
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Another American agent, Captain Ochre, real name Richard Fraser, was born in Detroit, U.S.A. on February 23, 2035.

Unlike the other agents, Ochre does not have outstanding academic qualifications. Hating High School work, he spent valuable studying time designing and building model air­craft. As soon as he was 16, he learnt to fly and got his pilot's licence! Leaving school at 18, he failed to make the necessary grade for University.

Although Ochre desperately wanted to enroll in the World Army Air Force, he did not have the degree qualifications. Bitterly disappointed, he joined in what he called "second best", the World Government Police Corps. But it was almost as if fate had made him fail the University entrance, as Ochre's real character and ability emerged in the Police Corps.

After three hard years basic training, first as a cadet and then as an officer, he became absolutely fascinated in detection work. Transferring to the Chicago area, Ochre was confronted by one of the toughest crime syndicates in the U.S. His amazing ingenuity, vivid imagination and ability to spot the smallest clue, made him a brilliant detective. This, plus Ochre's superb leadership, finally brought about the infiltration and smashing of this infamous syndicate.

Promotion rapidly followed promotion until the Supreme Commander of the W.G.P.C. retired, when Ochre was first choice as his successor. Everyone was astounded when he flatly turned down the high-ranking position. But he knew that as Supreme Commander he would be tied to a desk with tedious paper work. He decided he would rather command his own small division with all its action and excitement. It was this loyalty to his own convictions, inspired detecting ability and common sense, that spurred Spectrum to approach Ochre.

The challenge and action that Spectrum promised made the choice an easy one for Ochre. He joined Spectrum on July 19, 2066.

Ochre on duty is an inspiration and encouragement to all Spectrum agents who work with him. Off duty he is quick-witted, a brilliant conversationalist, and strongly prone to practical jokes. Very popular with the Angels as he's always teasing and joking with them. He still spends his spare time making model planes, and is very proud of his model collection, numbering 400 items.