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The Spectrum organisation was founded in 2065 by the World Government with the intent to insure global safety. At first, it was unclear where this new organisation should be based. Its HQ should be completely self-supporting and in a constant state of readiness with a minimal chance of failure, while at the same time construction and location should be kept secret for reasons of security. The first proposals entailed an artificial island (which was nixed for practical reasons) and a settlement in the Sahara desert or the Amazonian jungle but the risk of discovery was considered too great. Finally, the committee decided upon a variation on the space station concept: an airborne HQ hovering at the brink of Earth's atmosphere.

Its personnel was recruited from other World Government departments, following stringent selection procedures. The first selection from a thousand individuals deemed suitable resulted in a group of 100 candidates, a figure which was later winnowed down to the handful of dedicated people who run Cloudbase today. Ten of them were given colour coded Captain's ranks (among them Captains Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, Magenta, Ochre and Scarlet), the others are employed as ground based personnel. Five extremely gifted female pilots ( Destiny, Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony) were recruited from different nations to form the elite flying corps the Angels. This team is led by British born, ex Universal Secret Service agent Charles Gray aka Colonel White and his righthand man Lieutenant Green, Head of Communications. The team is completed by medical expert Doctor Fawn.