radarcar cutaway drawing
Multiwavelength antenna
Twin screens show 'blip' on back projected
maps of the search area; they can be set to
different scales or used for ground and sky
Radar cooling unit
Commanding officer
Monitor man observes primary scanners
Systems engineer
Communications unit
Air conditioning control
Air conditioning outlet
Waveform monitor
Sync monitor
Cooler control panel
Multi-unit fuel cell generates electricity from
a combination of air, oxygen and hydrogen stored
above the cab
Air intakes and filters served by the front scoop
Navigator's console; in direct touch with Cloudbase,
he is responsible for plotting the most direct route
to action stations, keeps a constant check on the
map reference position of the vehicle and directs
the driver over the intercom
Reinforced crashbar
Radiator for water-cooled systems
High powered motor, on on each side, powered by the fuel cell
Steering arm and drive which passes
through the gearbox and bevel drives
serving both front and rear wheels
Timing gear set on the drive shaft between the
motor and the rotating unit below the antenna

Technical specifications published originally in Captain Scarlet 1969 Annual

Technical Specifications
name: Spectrum Radarcar
designer: Mike Trim