fact sheet
Diane Simms
Name: Diane Simms
Rank: Angel pilot
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: April 27th, 2043
Age: 24
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Liz Morgan
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Born Dianne Simms in Chelsea, London, on April 27, 2043, Rhapsody is the daughter of a World Government official, Lord Robert Simms.

Educated at a girls' public school, then London University, taking degrees in law and sociology, Rhapsody entered the swinging party life of a debutante. But soon the endless parties began to bore her, and she longed for adventure and excitement.

However, it was at a particularly dull party that Rhapsody met Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Britain's top secret agent, and head of the Federal Agents Bureau. Lady Penelope, recognising Rhapsody's longing for a life of action and drama, suggested that she might like to join F.A.B. Rhapsody was delighted and was immediately sent for special training.

After her initial training course, she was sent on many dangerous assignments, sometimes alone and sometimes with Lady Penelope. She succeeded many times in annihilating the enemy and bringing notorious espionage agents to justice. But with the starting of International Rescue, Lady Pene­lope left F.A.B., handing over supreme command to Rhapsody.

Under her command, F.A.B. became a highly distinguished and respected secret service organisation. Rhapsody's inge­nuity, intelligence and coolness in the face of imminent danger made her the most sought-after agent in Europe. She repeatedly turned down offers from other security organi­sations. Instead, when F.A.B. was unfortunately forced to close, Rhapsody joined the Euro-Charter airline company as chief security officer.

Spectrum had closely followed Rhapsody's career and, realising her tremendous potential, chose her as one of the Angel pilots.

On and off duty Rhapsody's personality is the same. She's full of charm, sophistication and responsibility towards Spectrum and its agents. Loving the game of chess, she and Symphony are at present attempting to design a three-dimensional chess board, just for fun!