fact sheet
Paul Metcalfe
Name: Paul Metcalfe
Rank: Captain
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: December 17th, 2036
Age: 31
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Francis Matthews
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Captain Scarlet, born in Winchester, England, on December 17, 2036 under the name of Paul Metcalfe, is Spectrum's number one agent.

Scarlet grew up in a family whose background was one of military achievements. His father, grandfather, and great­grandfather all served in the World Army, distinguishing themselves as fine soldiers. It seemed only natural that Scarlet would follow in their footsteps and choose a mili­tary career.

Graduating from Winchester University, where he attained degrees in technology, history and the employment of mathe­matics, Scarlet then transferred to the West Point Military Academy, U.S.A. Here he was ruthlessly trained as a field combat soldier. Scarlet left the Academy in a blaze of glory, having been unanimously voted "Supreme Soldier" by both students and lecturers.

The World Army Air Force was the next step in Scarlet's brilliant career. Joining at the low rank of private, he preferred to work his way up by his own abilities rather than "buy" himself a higher officer's rank.

Within two years Scarlet had proved himself admirably, gaining significant promotions. With his incredible ability to command men and his very professional soldiering out­look, he reached the rank of Colonel.

The selection committee of Spectrum had followed his brilliant career, noting his amazing leadership ability, combat strategy sense, integrity and dedication to the W.A.A.F. Scarlet was therefore approached, and readily accepted Spectrum's offer of the post of agent number one.

On duty, Scarlet is the true professional agent, totally reliable, carrying out Colonel White's orders quickly and efficiently. Off duty, he changes completely. Full of fun, carefree and bursting with energy, he's very popular with all the Spectrum agents and especially loved by the Angel pilots who find his charming personality very appealing.