Spectrum File

free gift with TV21 #155

This booklet came free with TV21, #155, the first issue to be published in 1968 on January 6th. Both the Captain Scarlet TV series and TV21's Captain Scarlet comic had been running for 3 months at that point so the targeted audience was well aware of the phenomenon at this time. TV21 issues 155, 156 and 157 came with sheets of socalled 'spectraprints', colour photographs depicting a selection of items from the TV series. The booklet contained descriptions of these items [biographies, technical data], leaving space on the page for the photographs.

As with other pages on this site, using web fonts and CSS, I have tried to stay as close to the original as possible. That results in near unreadable text on small screens but the same information is available on other pages in this site.

TV21 ad for the book with the text 'Top Secret', Free!!!', 'in next week's TV21', 'the secrets of Spectrum', 'file /1/974/cs/206', 'fabulous free booklet', 'plus++', 'six stick-in full colour spectraprints' and pictures of the front cover and the six 'Spectraprints' of an SPV, a Spectrum Helicopter, colonel White, an SPV, an Angel jet and captain Black respectively
the announcement for the book in TV21 #154
Spectrum file front with the text 'Spectrum file /1/974/cs/206', 'captain Scarlet and the Mysterons', 'free with TV21' and a picture of captain Scarlet
REAL NAME: Charles Gray
BORN: 14 July, 2017, London, England
STATE: WidowerEYES: Light blue
HEIGHT: 6 ft. 1 in.HAIR: White
COLONEL WHITE, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Spectrum, is the major factor in Earth's security.
Educated at King's College, Canterbury, and Norwich University, he gained first class honours in computer control, navigation and technology. On graduation, Gray entered the British Navy. He soon proved his ability. Service in destroyers, submarines and JTB's in such trouble spots as S.E. Asia in 2040, the Iceland dispute in '42, the Panama Isthmus rebellion in '42-'43 left him a young veteran of many campaigns. When British Civil War broke out in 2047, Gray was the Captain of a destroyer in the Atlantic. He immediately sided with the rebels and raced to Britain to help them overthrow the military dictatorship which had ruled the island since the 2028 Atomic War. The fighting was soon over, and the revolutionary Government made Gray Admiral of the Fleet.
Then, suddenly he announced his retirement — but only to camouflage the next step in his career — the U.S.S. After two years as a U.S.S. agent, Gray was promoted to the Organisation and Control Section. As head of the British corps of the U.S.S. he turned a disorganised collection of agents from inefficient despair to a compact fighting machine. Now, as first head of Spectrum, he faces the toughest task of his career!
colonel White sitting behind his desk in Cloudbase
CLOUDBASE hovers 8 miles up in the sky. lt is unique. Revolutionary. Independent. For within this massive structure is a whole civilisation. Spectrum personnel work, relax, sleep, eat . . . live. Cloudbase accommodates facilities for every need, keeping its staff in perfect health, enabling them to give full attention and dedication to their individual tasks.
But equally important as its men and women is Cloudbase's intricate range of computers, radar and radio communication systems, information monitoring and filing equipment . . . to name but a part of the vast engineering complex. This is the highly advanced system which deals swiftly and effectively with every piece of information channelled through the Monitor Room, the ever-active nerve centre of Cloudbase.
Each and every part of this fantastic sky-bound craft is a wonder of modern engineering science . . . one of the most outstanding being the power house which produces daily enough solar energy to provide Unity City with power for a fortnight.
The details are impressive. So is the organisation. The world is in safe hands so long as Cloudbase hovers watchfully overhead—watchfully and ready to act against the power of the Mysterons.
LENGTH: 630 ft. LOCATION: Variable
WIDTH: 330ft. CREW: 593
Cloudbase hovering in the air
REAL NAME: Seymour Griffiths
BORN: 18 January, 2041, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
STATE: SingleEYES: Hazel
HEIGHT: 5 ft. 8 in.HAIR: Black
SEYMOUR GRIFFITHS, eldest of a family of nine, learnt the hard way.
When he was twelve, his parents were killed in an air disaster, leaving him to bring up the family. Seymour realised that to survive, the family must organise. Dividing the heavier work among the three older brothers, and the housework and the care of the three babies to his two sisters, Griffiths, himself dealt with the welfare authorities who were determined to disperse the family among different foster homes.
His success in keeping his family united is a measure of the courage and determination that found such expression in later life.
Working in various jobs during the day, to earn enough money to keep the family, Seymour attended night education at the local high school and later, Kingston University, Jamaica, and gained degrees in music, tele-communications and technology.
As soon as his brothers were able to fend for themselves, Griffiths enrolled in W.A.S.P. as a hydrophones operator. After an advanced course in communications W.A.S.P. promoted him i/c Marineville Control Tower. He was an obvious choice for Spectrum. when the Selection Board sought a communications chief.
Gay and boisterous off duty Lieutenant Green delights his Spectrum colleagues with his guitar playing.
lieutenant Green sitting behind the communication console
THE ANGEL AIRCRAFT is a single seater strike aircraft developed by International Engineering from the World Army Air Force 'Viper' Jet, but the exact specifications of its complex control systems and panel remain on the secret list.
Mammoth fuel tanks enable the Angel Aircraft to complete any mission without refuelling. Entry to the cockpit is by hydraulic lift from the Amber Room up through the hull of the craft.
Instruments and gunsights are arranged within easy view of the pilot, who has all-round visibility. Behind the pilot's seat is the flight computer auto-pilot. The twin turbo-jet compressors serve the rear ram jet. For emergencies, small powerful retro rockets are fitted.
When landing on Cloudbase, the aircraft touches down and is stopped by landing clamps on the runway, powered by hydraulic spring pressure.
Hyper-sensitive instruments are housed in the nose probe to detect air and metal temperature and wind speeds, along with radar and radio aerials.
The cannons fire computer pre-selected shells — tracer, armour-piercing or rocket shells. Markings of the Spectrum Organisation are visible from most angles.
TOP SPEED: 3,000 m.p.h COST: £1,250,000
LENGTH: 60 ft. ENGINES: Twin turbo-jet compressors
exact specifications secret
WING SPAN: 35 ft. ARMAMENTS: Air to air missiles
forward cannon
WEIGHT: 40,100 lbs.
an Angel jet at the top of the runway at an airfield
THE FIVE beautiful girls that make up the Angels' team form the most deadly air-combat fighting force of this century. Uniformly qualified in flying experience, danger and intellect, the Angels are a stern reminder to the World Government's enemies of the force of Spectrum's fight back. Their three supersonic jet craft demand the highest degree of flying skill for their full potential to be realised. It is to Colonel White's credit as well as the five Angels themselves that this potential has been fully shown. When off duty the Angels relax in the Amber Room where a vast library of records, films and books on videotape and microfllm as well as disc, is stored in built-in shelves in the walls.
When the order 'Launch Angels' is given, the girls on standby immediately take up their positions on their special cockpit seats, situated in the inner wall, and are hydraulically lifted to their aircraft on Cloudbase's flight deck — and Spectrum becomes Green. For Go!
Angels: Rhapsody Real name Dianne Simms, born 22 April, 2043, London
Harmony Chan Kwan, born 19 June, 2042, Tokyo, Japan
Melody Magnolia Jones, born 10 January, 2043, Georgia, U.S.A.
Destiny Juiiette Pontoin, born 23 August, 2040, Paris, France
Symphony Karen Wainwright, born 6 January, 2042, Iowa, U.S.A.
the five Angel pilots sitting in the Amber room
Fast, armoured and and amphibious, the S.P.V.s constitute Spectrum's major Earth-bound combat force. Because of the complexity of design and equipment these vehicles have to be specially hand-built at secret locations in top security hangars. There is no windscreen: The driver sits in an aircraft type bucket seat facing the rear and drives through a television monitor.
Carried on the vehicles are revolutionary radar installations, super sensitive 2-way radios, and a proteinised food supply. With all this equipment, plus the latest air conditioning plant, the S.P.V. is designed to cope with any emergency. The power unit is detachable, and held in position by twin clamps, it is coupled independently to all road wheels. When the power unit is detached, and being used for such purposes as personnel thrust-pack, ancillary minor propulsion unit etc., stand-by batteries provide the S.P.V.'s driving force. At the rear of the vehicle are fitted twin tank tracks, enabling the vehicle to climb all but vertical obstacles.
Entry is by a sliding side panel incorporating the driver's seat.
The S.P.V.'s armament consists of laser cannons, ground-to-air missiles and the electrode ray cannons — the only effective anti-Mysteron weapon.
MAXIMUM SPEED: 200 m.p.h.
LENGTH: 25 ft.
BRAKES: Magnetic disc reverse thrust
STEERING: By Cylindrical Hydropneumatics
POWER UNIT: Land: Front wheel drive, hydrogenic electrical fuel cells
POWER UNIT: Aqua: Twin aqua jets mounted at rear of vehicle
a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle speeding down the highway
REAL NAME: Adam Svenson
BORN: 26 August, 2035, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
STATE: BachelorEYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 6 ft. 3 in.HAIR: Blond
BORN a year after the formation of the World Government, at a time when the world was still recovering from a bitter atomic war, Svenson was fortunate in that his father was a wealthy financie — for in those troubled times, money spoke louder than anything.
Svenson had the best of everything — and an education which developed his brain fully. After a brilliant career at Harvard with degrees in economics, technology, computer control, applied mathematics and aerodynamics, Svenson joined the World Aeronautic Society to train as a test pilot. He did his job with such success that he soon won a transfer to the U.S. Security Department to become an active secret agent.
With a force of 20 hand picked agents, he set about revolutionising his command — with such success that Bereznik, first to notice the improvement, attempted to kill him on three occasions, but each time Svenson managed, by his ingenuity and quick thinking to save himself.
But times were changing — the need for a 'super' security force was at hand and Spectrum was formed. It needed agents — and Adam Svenson was among the first chosen. Off duty he is a keen athlete, whose main hobbies are deep sea diving and water ski-ing.
captain Blue
DESIGNED to carry four persons in complete security and comfort, the M.S.V. is hand built by expert coach builders. It is claimed to be indestructible after exhaustive tests by the Worid Army Air Force under severest battle conditions. As with all Spectrum vehicles it is fitted with advanced radar, television, 2-way radios and is complete with survival food kit.
Designed specifically to carry threatened V.I.P.s in the utmost safety, it is also an exceptional combat vehicle armed with laser cannons and anti-Mysteron electrode ray cannons.
If the vehicle is in any area after a nuclear attack, it is immediately hermetically sealed to all outside contact, having its own pressurised, air-filtration plant. Solar collector strips are fitted to the vehicle for re-charging the batteries used to drive the stand-by motor. Hydraulic-clamped link suspension holds the twin wheels which have power-assisted steering. The maximum security windows are fitted with special heat-resistant anti-radiation lead quartz. Main construction is of high intensity armour-plated steel, with refrigeration honeycomb and radiation damping sandwich. Suspension is of the hydraulic clamped link classification, being independent to all wheels.
MAXIMUM SPEED: 200 m.p.h.
LENGTH: 24 ft.
WEIGHT: 8 tons
POWER UNIT: front: Transverse 8 cylinder rotary diesel
POWER UNIT: rear: Transverse coupled 8 cylinder rotary diesel
WHEELS: Four sets of double wheels fitted with bullet-proof self-Inflating tyres.
a Maximum Security Vehicle parked in the snow in front of two spherical structures
THE Spectrum Saloon Car provides high speed mobility for Spectrum personnel. Designed to Spectrum specifications, incorporating speed and safety, this car is capable of carrying five persons. All cars are fitted with special transistorised high-frequency transmitters — receiving sets maintaining constant contact with Cloudbase and the Angels.
The new lightweight, resilient Fleetonium is used in the bodywork construction. The rear floor raises to give mechanics access to the gas turbine situated below. Hot gas from the combustion chamber drives compressor and power turbines before being ejected through the rear grill. All wheels are sprung independently. The lighting system is designed to cater for all eventualities; it includes an infra-red beam with detector eye, quartz headlights ands long distance viewing laser projector with optical telescope, which is coupled to a TV screen in the cabin.
Sidelights and trafficators are of the nonfailing design incorporated by the World Motor Manufacturers early in the 21st Century.
Braking is by special magnetic brake drums where opposing magnetic fields are generated by means of electromagnets.
MAXIMUM SPEED: 150 m.p.h.
LENGTH: 18 ft.
BODYWORK: Fleetonium
BREAKS: Electro-magnetic reverse thrust
POWER UNIT: Compressed gas turbine driving front and rear wheels
ARMAMENT: Standard Spectrum rapid fire small arms
a Spectrum Patrol Car parked in the snow, two chalets are visible in the background
DESIGNED specially for Spectrum, the S.P.J. provides fast transport for Spectrum agents and their equipment. The roomy cabin can be quickly and easily converted to a V.I.P. lounge, cinema or conference room as readily as a personnel carrier. The Jet carries no armaments and is normally escorted on dangerous missions by the Angels. Nose stabilising fins are fitted for rarified air conditions, Cloudbase landings, and supersonic fiight. It is possible to fly the aircraft with a one man crew, the 'black box' computer taking the place of navigator, co-pilot and radio operator. The main induction plant is fitted to the twin re-heat turbo jet engines for retro-breaking. Either jet is powerful enough to allow the aircraft to remain airborne for an indefinite period.
The rear wing assembly turns through 90 degrees to act as an airbrake when landing.
With a seating capacity of seven, and its versatile interior, the S.P.J., though basically a non-combat vehicle used for transporting to Cloudbase executives on official business, and general ferrying chores, is, in a sense, Cloudbase's troop carrier, when forces and equipment need to be moved in fast.
SEATINC CAPACITY: 7 persons LENGTH: 78 ft.
CREW: 2 WING SPAN: 37 ft.
MAXIMUM SPEED: 1,125 m.p.h. WEIGHT: 630,427 lb.
RANGE: 12,000 miles POWER UNIT: Twin re-heat turbo jets
a Spectrum Passenger Jet in full flight
THE Spectrum helicopter was designed primarily for high speed transportation of Spectrum personnel over short distances, particularly where rough and difficult terrain is involved. Rugged in design, the 'copter can land on any area its own size, on any surface, and is largely unaffected by air turbulence, This invaluable stability is provided by the smooth but complex airflow surfaces, and the superb overall balance of design. The 39 ft. diameter rotor blades are driven by twin air-induction turbo-jets housed immediately beneath, and above the cabin.
One of the complex controls incorporated in the pilot's control panel is the latest version of a visual navigation aid, first introduced in the mid-twentieth century. Known as the omni-scanner, it consists of a screen showing the terrain over which the 'copter is ilying and enables the pilot to pin-point the position of all Spectrum agents outside Cloudbase. Although principally a non-combat vehicle, the Spectrum hehcopter has a defence armament capable of dealing with all but the strongest opposition.
LENGTH: 45 ft. WEIGHT: 38,000 lbs.
BLADES: 19 fs. 6 in. COST: £900,000
TOP SPEED: 302 m.p.h. ARMAMENTS: High speed high explosive rocket projected cannon
a Spectrum Helicopter in full flight
"WE THE MYSTERONS SHALL DESTROY...!" The eerie message that haunts the earth and echoes through Cloudbase has its origins and source in the heart of the Mysteron complex — headquarters of the greatest enemy the world has ever known. For the Mysterons have discovered the power of completely reversing the process of destruction, so making any object exactly what it was before.
As no earthman has ever been inside the city, it is impossible to give any factual information concerning the Mysterons. One theory put forward is that there is now no race of beings in the complex — only programmed computers.
Although this answers many puzzling aspects of the Mysteron attack on Earth, many Spectrum scientists discount it because it suggests that the mechanical computer has been given an illogical emotion — and this is impossible.
What facts we do know are these. That Captain Black assumed the worst and ordered a complete destruction blitz.
The computers reacted at once, and the Mysterons swore revenge on the Earth. Captain Black was killed and re-created, to become the Mystetons' earth-based agent. The rest is terrible fact!
AREA: Unknown, constantly changing
LOCATION: Cranium, rock plateau on the planet Mars
COMPLEMENT: Believed only computers
a view of the illuminated Mysteron complex
REAL NAME: Conrad Turner
BORN; 17 March, 2029, Manchester, England
STATE: BachelorEYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5 ft. 11 in.HAIR: Black
WEIGHT: 176 lbs.DlST. FEATURES: Glazed eyes
CONRAD TURNER was educated at Manchester Technical Academy, where he studied physics, space navigation and international law. At an early age, after the deaths of his father and mother in the nuclear war of 2028, he became something of a lone wolf, developing the single-minded drive and ambition that was to take him to the top in his chosen career.
At the age of eighteen, after completing his studies, Turner joined the British Airforce. When Britain was plunged into civil war in 2047, his flair for independent action soon enabled him to make a name for himself as a fearless and deadly combatant.
Turner joined the World Space Patrol as Commander of Fireball XL3. But his achievements had been noted in high places. Turner was seconded from the World Space Patrol after several years' service to become a member of Spectrum, under the code name of Captain Black.
With Spectrum, he once again distinguished himself to the point where he was an automatic choice to head the Zero X expedition. Exactly what happened on Mars we shall never know, but the talents bestowed on Black by the Mysterons are now used against the world he formerly served so well.
captain Black, holding a pair of binoculars, looking sideways
WITH a family steeped in military tradition — his father, grand- and great-grandfather all served with distinction in the World Army — it was natural for Paul Metcalfe, after graduating from Winchester University (first class honours degrees in technology, history and employment of mathematics) to decide on a military career. Enrolling at West Point Military Academy,U.S.A., Metcalfe soon found himself under the ruthless regime which was to turn him into a top rank combat soldier.
And it was as an ordinary soldier that he joined the World Army Air Force, preferring to work his way up, rather than take the commission that was his right. By the time he was twenty-four, he had already seen service in many parts of the world, where leadership, courage and professional ability won him promotion to a full Colonel — and the attention of the Spectrum selection board.
Metcalfe was approached and offered the rank of Captain with full privileges, and the code name Scarlet.
The incredible story of his Mysteronisation, death and revival by Spectrum's surgical team, proves beyond doubt that Captain Scarlet is indestructible! This incredible fact means that Scarlet is vital in the war against the Mysterons.
REAL NAME: Paul Metcalfe
BORN: 17 December, 2036, Winchester, England
STATE: SingleEYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 6 ft. 1 in.HAIR: Dark Brown
WEIGHT: 172 lbs.DIST. FEATURES: Nausea when in the vicinity of a Mysteron agent
captain Scarlet
left a picture of Captain Scarlet, right a picture of an Angel pilot, sandwiching the text 'Captain Scarlet and the Angels toys, models, games... in your toyshops now!'