fact sheet
Karen Wainwright
Name: Karen Wainwright
Rank: Angel pilot
Status: Spectrum member
Date of birth: January 6th, 2042
Age: 25
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Janna Hill
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Symphony Angel was born on January 6, 2042 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A. as Karen Wainwright. Symphony was extremely clever at her school in Boston, always coming top of her class, and graduated to Yale University at only 16 years old. Here, too, she outshone ail the other students, attaining no fewer than seven degrees in the study and employment of mathematics and technology. For her brilliant academic ability, she was voted "Student of the Year" by the Combined University Committee.

On graduating from Yale, Symphony was contacted by the Universal Secret Service. The excitement of the Secret Service greatly appealed to her, and she took their compre­hensive training course. She passed in only two years – most others taking at least five – so fantastic was her intelligence and adaptability.

Sent on active duty as an agent dealing solely with industrial espionage, Symphony was a true credit to the Service. Her brilliant handling of tricky assignments made her U.S.S.'s number one secret agent. Within five years she had revolutionised the spy game — her "methods" being copied all over the Universe.

While training as a pilot for a special U.S.S. mission, Symphony fell in love with flying. She then realised that the one ambition in her life was to fly.

Leaving U.S.S., she joined a charter company dealing purely in ferrying customers around the world. So super­lative was her flying skill that she gained world recog­nition, frequently becoming headline news.

Spectrum recognised Symphony's potential and asked her to become an Angel pilot. She passed the gruelling entrance exam with ease, and was immediately signed into the organi­sation.

On duty Symphony is dedicated to her role as a Spectrum pilot, being thoroughly proficient. Off duty, she's sympa­thetic and quickwitted. Her great hobby is hairdressing, Symphony often being begged by the other Angels to create a fabulous new hair style for a special date.