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Century 21 Television Production in Association with ATV for ITC World-Wide Distribution
©1967 Century 21 and ATV

Production Team

Executive Producer
Gerry Anderson
Reg Hill
Associate Producer
John Read
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Director Supervising Series
Des Saunders
Supervising Visual Effects Director
Derek Meddings
Characters Created By
Sylvia Anderson
Lighting Cameraman
Julian Lugrin & Ted Cutford
Visual Effects Lighting Cameramen
Derek Black & Bert Mason
Camera Operators
Les Paul, Ron Gallifant, Nick Prococpides,
Alan McDonald & Ted Cutlack
Supervising Art Director
Bob Bell
Art Director
Granville Nott
Script Editor
Tony Barwick
Music Composed & Directed by
Barry Gray
Puppetry Co-ordination
Mary Turner
Production Manager
Frank Hollands
Assistant Directors
Leon Eaton & Ray Atchler
Puppetry Supervision
Christine Glanville
Mel Cross, Peter Johns, Jan King & Judith Morgan
Visual Effects Directors
Shaun Whittaker-Cooke & Jimmy Elliot
Keith Wilson & John Lague
Tim Cooksey, Terry Curtis & Plugg Shutt
Visual Effects Production Manager
Harry Ledger
Iris Richens
Dialogue Synchronisation
Antony Bell
Supervising Editor
Len Walton
John Beaton & Harry MacDonald
Supervising Sound Editor
John Peverill
Sound Editor
Peter Penell
Music Editor
George Randall
Dialogue Editor
Don Brill
Property Master
Arthur Cripps
Anvil Films Limited
Visual Effects 2nd Unit Director
Peter Wragg
Visual FX 2nd Unit Lighting Cameraman
Ted Wooldridge
Visual FX 2nd Unit Camera Operator
John Shann
Electronic Development
Jack Kemsley
Electronic Collaboration
Harlow Laboratories
Captain Scarlet sung by
The Spectrum
End Title Art
Ron Embleton

Voice Artists

Colonel White, Captain Black & Mysterons
Donald Gray
Captain Scarlet
Francis Matthews
Captain Blue
Edward Bishop
Captain Ochre
Jeremy Wilkin
Captain Magenta,
Gary Files
Captain Grey,
Paul Maxwell
Lieutenant Green,
Cy Grant
Doctor Fawn,
Charles Tingwell
Melody Angel,
Sylvia Anderson
Harmony Angel,
Symphony Angel,
Janna Hill
Rhapsody, & Destiny Angels
Liz Morgan
David Healy, Shane Rimmer & Martin King