Captain Scarlet vip truck model

VIP truck hero pic
VIP truck side elevation
VIP truck left elevation
VIP truck left elevation
VIP truck bottom elevation
VIP truck front elevation VIP truck front bottom elevation
revamped superon truck from a Joe 90 episode
revamped superon trucks from a Secret Service episode
<from the SFX site> animated picture of a flame
This is the 'Yellow Fox' Spectrum secret VIP transport vehicle featured in a number of Captain Scarlet episodes. Actually, it is a reworked version of one of the Superon fuel trucks used in the Thunderbirds Path of Destruction episode to service the giant Crablogger logging machine. This 1/24th scale model appears to have a fiberglass body shell pulled from a plaster mold cast from a hand carved wooden master. The body shell was mounted on a wooden frame which rode on real rubber wheels made for flying model aircraft. Models such as these were often fitted with sponge rubber suspensions. The same basic model was also used as the basis of the wood pulp pick-up trucks seen in the same episode.
</from the SFX site>

These pictures come from one of the many Japanese Supermarionation publications and show what the model looks nowadays; it resides in the collection of Phil Rae.

This model surfaced again in a fleeting shot from the Joe 90 episode Trial At Sea where it pulls away from a dock warehouse and both it and its counterpart from the same Thunderbirds episode are seen again in The Secret Service episode Recall To Service where they are parked on an airfield.