fact sheet
Charles Grey
Name: Charles Grey
Rank: Colonel
Status: Spectrum Supreme Commander-in-chief
Date of birth: July 14th, 2017
Age: 50
Series: Captain Scarlet
Voice artist: Donald Gray
Source: Captain Scarlet 1968 Annual

Born in London on July 14, 2017, Colonel White is the Supreme Commander-in-chief of the Spectrum organisation.

White, whose real name is Charles Gray, studied at King's College Canterbury and then at Norwich University where he gained first-class honours degrees in computer control, navigation and technology.

On leaving the university, White volunteered for active service with the World Navy, and in a remarkably short time had risen to the grade of commander. He was given full command of a World Navy destroyer. From this point onwards White's career is one fantastic success story, gaining promotion after promotion until he became Admiral of the Fleet.

His daring escapades, coolness in handling tricky situations and fine leadership of men gained him the respect of top military staff all over the world. Often being headline news, he became a public hero.

Everyone was dismayed when, at only 30 years old, he announced he was retiring from active service. Of course, this was only a carefully planned cover-up story. White, in fact, had been called up to serve in the Universal Secret Service.

After two years of active field duty where he more than ably accomplished his missions, White realised that his true flair lay in leading other men. For this reason he was appointed Chief of the British section of the U.S.S. in command of the London headquarters. A headquarters that was disgracing the whole U.S.S. organisation, being riddled with infiltrators and double agents.

Within one year, White had done the impossible task of ridding headquarters of all enemy infiltrators. By his brilliant strategy, ruthlessness and determination he put this section back on its feet, able to run smoothly and efficiently.

Because of his dedication to a cause, ability to obtain results and superb leadership, White was offered the position of Supreme Commander-in-chief of Cloudbase by the Spectrum organisation. Ironically, a job offered on the eve of White's succession to the supreme commandership of the U.S.S., taking over from Colonel Zodiac.

Dedication and sincerity have earned Colonel White the undying respect of his

still wrapped up in his work, finding little time to completely relax and forget his responsibilities to Cloudbase. When he does forget, he loves to play "war games" with Captain Scarlet, a game consisting of planning and executing battle tactics. Other spare time is taken up avidly reading crime fiction. He has even started to write a "whodunnit" himself.