Barratt's trading cards

Barratt's box
Barratt's card 1 Barratt's card back
Father Unwin awaits a midnight call from Matthew. Both wear hearing aids which are transmitter/receivers. It is important that they have this means of keeping in touch while they are on a mission.
Barratt's card 2 Barratt's card back
The Bishop sits in his office at his desk. On the desk is a plaque bearing the letters B.I.S.H.O.P. which mean British Intelligence Service Headquarters Operation Priest. Father Unwin is the top agent for this branch of the Secret Service.
Barratt's card 3 Barratt's card back
Father Unwin and Matthew discuss the progress of the flowers in the Vicarage garden. Matthew's cover is that of a slow talking, country gardener. On a mission the disguise is gone and he becomes the effcient agent.
Barratt's card 4 Barratt's card back
Father Unwin and Matthew are having a meal at the Vicarage, served by Mrs. Appleby. She is the housekeeper at the Vicarage and knows nothing of the double lives that the two lead. She frequently scolds Matthew for what she puts down as lazines.