The Secret Service revamps

Stephen Brown

a few new puppets were created for The Secret Service, most notably Father Stanley Unwin, The Bishop, Mrs. Appleby and Albert Hobson. Many lead characters from Captain Scarlet made appearances including Colonel White, Captains Scarlet, Blue, Ochre, Magenta, Grey, Black, Brown and Indigo as well as Dr. Fawn. For the rest of the cast the series relied heavily on the vast repertoire of Century 21 revamp puppets.

production number
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regular cast appearances
father unwin
matthew harding
the bishop
mrs. appleby
agent blake
episode title
1A Case For The Bishop
2A Question Of Miracles
3The Feathered Spies
4To Catch A Spy
5The Last Train to Buffler's Halt
6Errand Of Mercy
7Recall to Service
8Hole in One
9School for Spies
10The Cure
11The Deadly Whisper
12May-day, May-day!
13More Haste – Less Speed

The style of this catalogue follows our previous guides. The table details the episode-by-episode appearances of the regular cast. We then go on to list each puppet’s Secret Service roles. Each puppet is listed under the name by which it’s best known in any of the series followed by the characters he/she played in The Secret Service.

Notes for each puppet include their first Century 21 appearance, the characters they are best known for as well as cross references to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90 so as to further clarify their identity. There were at least 59 different puppets in The Secret Service. Three – listed in the catalogue under 4th Observer, French General and Colonel Johnson – could bring the tally to 62, but I’ve been unable to find an exact match with anyone else.

Stephen Brown
revamp character
revamp character
revamp character
revamp character
revamp character
revamp character
The Joe 90 puppet guide lists him as a new revamp for that series but it's now known that his first appearance was as a radio operator in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - Winged Assassin.
This page is based on material originally published in FAB #59