Arrowhead fighter

Stingray Arrowhead fighter cutaway drawing

The wasp airforce has been boosted in strength by the recent addition of five hundred Supersonic Mercury Arrowhead fighters. World Government Scientists claim that the new aircraft is far in advance of any similar type built. The rear-mounted single rocket engine hurls the sleek machine to a top speed of 5,000 mph. The atomic-powered Zeus enigine enables the fighter to remain airborne for three days, if necessary. Cruising comfortably in Earth's upper atmosphere, the aircraft is capable of making accurate long-range strikes on ground targets. The big Thor 11 missile which nestles under the belly of the Mercury Arrowhead can seek out and destroy a target within a range of 150 miles. Stage 1 of Thor 11 automatically uncouples from the main stage and acts as a decoy if anti-missiles are launched against it. Deadly mini-rockets on the wing-tips of the aircraft are used for close-range combat. The Mercury Arrowhead has virtually no landing problems. It is capable of vertical take-offs – on land and sea – and can hover with ease.

Technical information originally published in Stingray 1966 annual