fact sheet
John Horatio Fisher
Name: John Horatio Fisher
Rank: Lieutenant
Function: Relief Controller
Date of birth: January 25th, 2043
Age: 23
Series: Stingray
Voice artist: Ray Barrett
Source: Stingray 1965 Annual

Sub-Lieutenant Fisher is the Relief Controller at Marine­ville Base Control Tower. Fisher was born in the state of Oregon, usa, on January 25th 2043. His earliest memories are of his father taking him on a tour of a museum in which he saw his first submarine. Ever since that day, the young Fisher wanted to become a submariner. John came from a farming family and though his father had spent time in the World Navy, he was still greatly disappointed that his son showed absolutely no interest in farming.

John Fisher became a cadet in the World Navy and after a period of time joined the administrative staff at Marine­ville Base as Relief Controller. He trained on the side to become an aquanaut and passed a course in submarine command in 2065 despite sabotage efforts by the forces of Titan of Titanica.

Fisher works hard at whatever he does but tends to be over-eager and impulsive. These traits constantly annoy Commander Shore. He has a love of high speed which he takes out in fast cars and water sports. Eventually he would like to be the captain of his own submarine.