Merchandise Guide

Compiled by Brad Newman
header art by Graham Bleathman
Annuals 1965, & 1966, strip & text features in TV21 annuals 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 & 1969 City Magazines/Century 21
Arm fins including WASP 'underwater agent' swimming badge Morcaine 1964
Danger in the Deep (1965)
The Deadly Alliance (1966)
hardcover novels World Distributors
TV21 Colouring Book World Distributors?
Stingray (1965)
Stingray & the Monster (1966)
paperback novels, John Theydon May Fair Books/Armada
Television Story Book City Magazines/Century 21
Sticker Fun Book, Coloring Book, Quiz/Funbook Whitman Publishing Company, USA 1966
Cap Troy Tempest Cap by Sharon Lee W.R. Davies 1965
Cardboard figures Troy, Phones, Marina, Atlanta, Commander Shore, Titan, X20, Aquaphibian with cut-out cardboard ocean door possibly given away with Plaston Stingray toy
Cards sweet cigarette cards, set of 50 artwork (colour) & album Cadet Sweets 1964
sweet cigarette cards, set of 50 artwork (colour) & album Barratt's 1964
Comics TV Century 21 Stingray Special with free Stingray & WASP stickers
TV Century 21 magazine 1 – 189, with strips & features
Lady Penelope magazine 1 – 88, with Marina, Girl of the Sea comic strip
TV Century 21 International Extra & other summer specials with strips and features
City Magazines Ltd
Countdown 4 TV Action with new and reprint comic strips
Stingray Holiday Special 1983
Polystyle Publications
Confectionery. Television advertisement featured Stingray for 'Sea Jet' ice lollies in vanilla, chocolate, raspberry & orange flavour', with 'Super Sea Jet' mint & vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate Lyons Maid Ice Cream 1965
Game 'Stingray the underwater maze game' for 2 to 4 players Transogram, USA 1966
Guns Cap Gun, metal repeater Lone Star
Water pistol, 100-shot repeater Graham Brothers/Fairylite
Glove Puppets Troy Tempest, X2 Zero, Titan & Aquaphibian with possibly others as well Lakeside
Troy Tempest, Phones, Commander Shore & Marina with possibly others as well Sunshine Vinyls
Home Movies Stingray is Launched b&w
400' Standard 8mm sound
200' Standard S Super 8mm silent
50' Standard E Super 8mm silent
Walton Films
Emergency Marineville b&w
400' Standard 8mm sound
200' Standard & Super 8mm silent
50' Standard 8mm silent
Big Gun b&w
200' Standard & Super 8mm sound
200' Standard 8mm silent
50' Standard 8mm silent
Deep Heat b&w
200' Standard & Super 8mm sound
200' Standard 8mm silent
50' Standard Super 8mm silent
Inflatable promotion by Golden Wonder crisps, 3' 6" long Actual manufacturer not known
Jigsaws On Patrol
Briefing at Marineville
Captives of the Aquaphibians
Troy Finds Marina
'Vari-Piece' 10" x 13", 250 cardboard pieces making colour photos Waddingtons Games
The Making of Stingray 'Progress Vari-Piece' 21¼" x 16½", over 500 pieces with 9 behind-the-scenes photographs
Troy & Phones in Injector Bay
Stingray in launchbay
Troy & Phones on Monocopters
view of Marineville
'Ponda Puzzle' plywood puzzles with colour photographs
frame puzzle Whitman
Model Kits
10" long Stingray supplied through a promotion by Lyons Maid, with clear windows, aquasprite canopies and two WASP figures at controls Airfix
Big Stingray Midori
Terror Fish model, powered by an elastic band, featuring a hinged jaw which fired a projectile
7½" long Stingray powered by a rubber band, with clear windows & moveable control fins Paramount Industries & Midori
10¼" long Stingray with illuminated interior, powered by electric motor; working model which surfaced when submerged
Stingray Fleet featuring 2" Stingray, 1¾" Terror Fish & 1¼" WASP aquanaut Imai
Oil Painting By Numbers. Craft Master sets with 10" x 8" pics.
Troy Tempest
Phones At The Controls
Space Station at Marineville
Stingray To The Attack
Sam Shore & Atlanta
Stingray at 500 Fathoms
Colbeam Palmer 1965
Pencil By Numbers. Colormaster sets. Six drawings. Kit Fix Hobbys 1965
Polystyrene 'Cutta-Mastic' set featuring b&w drawings printed on polystyrene sheets Bell Toys 1965
Projector sets Stingray set with 112 colour artwork slides telling 16 stories, Supercar, FireballXL5, Stingray a.o. set Chad Valley
For more extensive [and possibly more accurate] information on Barry Gray's music on vinyl and CD, read his discography
Century 21 mini-albums (EPs) Into Action with Troy Tempest #MA/101
A Trip to Marineville #MA/102
Marina Speaks #MA/104
TV21 Themes featuring Stingray #MA/105
Lady Penelope Themes (featuring Aqua Marina) #MA/111
Century 21 Records, UK
Century 21 albums (LPs) The World of Tomorrow (featuring A Trip to Marineville) #LA/1
Lady Penelope Presents (featuring Marina Speaks & Theme) #LA/2
Favourite Televison Themes (featuring Stingray & Aqua Marina) #LA/6
Others Stingray single (featuring theme by Gary Miller & Aqua Marina by Joan Brown) Pye Records
Children's Best Loved Fairy Stories & TV Favourites (featuring Aqua Marina) New Zealand 1972
Stingray & Aqua Marina single sung by Gary Miller, 7N/15698, 1964
Children's favourite TV Themes LP (featuring Stingray theme) Boulevard Records
No Strings Attached (featuring Stingray & Aqua Marina) 1981 Precision Pecords & Tapes #DOW3
Stingray & March of the Oysters single Chappel Records C/959
Golden Hour of Children's TV favourites (featuring Stingray theme), GII/547 Golden Hour
Stingray Theme single, cover version by The Tornadoes, IX/7687, 1965 Columbia Records
Children's TV Themes by Cy Payne & His Orchestra (featuring Stingray theme). LP. Contour Records, 2870/185
Gerry Anderson Presents TV Favourites Volume 2 (featuring Marina Speaks), MAL 771 Marble Arch Records
Sheet Music Stingray & Aqua Marina. Words & Music by B. Gray David Toff Music
Scan Shoes featuring either WASP badges or model character heads Church & Son
Scooter Skate skateboard Montrose Products
Slippers featuring model head of Troy Tempest Mornstar
Toys Stingray, with friction drive Graham Brothers/Fairylite
Stingray, comes in display box Eidai
Stingray, two versions, one with elastic-band power and the other powered by clockwork motor Lone Star 1965
Stingray, with friction motor Lakeside
Stingray, bath toy, hollow polythene Plaston
Stingray, battery-powered, with spinning ratemaster, periscope, lights, forward & backward motion Lincoln International 1965
Terror Fish, with friction motor Lakeside
Terror Fish, die-cast, Japanese toy resembling Titan's craft Actual manufacturer not known
Videos The Incredible Voyage of Stingray #ITC 2071, 1981
Invaders from the Deep, #ITC/2127, 1982
Precision Video
Viewmaster Reel Tyco
Water colour set Gem Water Colour Set (possibly available only through TV21) Ester Books
This compilation ©1983 Brad Newman,
header art Graham Bleathman
published originally in Supermarionation Is Go! #9
images sourced from the eBay, Destiny One, Metropolis Toys, Vectis Auctions and Moonbase Central websites