Control centre

drawing of the Marineville control centre
The Marineville Control Centre is the hub of all wasp activities. From here all wasp vessels, including Stingray and Sea Leopard, can be contacted immediately and sent to any area in the world – above or below the surface of the sea. Housed in this fantastic building is the most modern and up-to-date equipment ever known to man.

Control room

drawing of the Marineville control room
Part of the intricate machinery in the Control Room is the Videophone. Connected to wasp headquarters in Washington, the videophone is television phone link, allowing the caller to see as well as hear the person to whom he is speaking. But a control is attached to eliminate vision if required. The Automatic Sea Map at the right, another part of the wasp machinery, is used extensively to track the course of vessels at sea. An electrically controlled Locator Compass is used in pinpointing the exact bearing of wasp vessels.

Communications room

drawing of the Marineville communications room
The Communications Room is the nerve centre of wasp headquarters. Banks of highly sensitive two-way videophones, monitor and de-coding equipment line the room. Constantly manned, the Communications Room receives a never-ending stream of messages from wasp aquanauts working in all parts of the world. When in-coming traffic becomes too heavy the Communications Director simply switches over to a computer which stores the messages in its brain.
Background information on Marineville originally published in Stingray 1966 annual