Personnel facilities

Living quarters

drawing of the Marineville living quarters
wasp personnel live in luxuriously furnished apartments, close to the control tower. During their spare time, staff members can use the extensive recreational facilities provided in Marineville. These include every type of sports equipment and arena. In times of emergency, the living quarters, together with the rest of the base, descend underground.

Standby lounge

drawing of the Marineville standby lounge
The standby lounge is a room where aquanauts wait for the final 'green light' to proceed with their alloted missions. It has been furnished in soft, restful tones to give aquanauts a last chance to relax and sort out any last-minute problems that may be bothering them. Focal point of the lounge is the three hydraulic chairs which transport aquanauts to their craft.

Injector seats

drawing of the Marineville injector seats
The injector seats in the Standby Lounge are used to transport the crew of Stingray swiftly to their waiting craft in the pen below. Worked by the same principle as the hydraulic supports which lower Marineville to its undergound hide-out, the seats are operated by a push-button on the chair arms.
Background information on Marineville originally published in Stingray 1966 annual