Launch sequence

Stingray pen support

drawing of the Stingray pen support
Stingray is supported in its pen by means of a hydraulic clamp. Gripping the body, the clamp lowers Stingray below the water surface at the start of a mission. On its return, Stingray is hoisted up by the clamp to resume its normal position in the pen. In the event of damage to Stingray the water is drained out of the pen, allowing inspection and maintenance to be carried out.

Ocean door

drawing of the Marineville ocean door
At the end of the ocean tunnel is the giant ocean door. At the press of a button the door slides open, giving Stingray access to the ocean. Before re-entry, Troy Tempest must ask permission to return to the pen. This is an important security measure which must be adhered to. The ocean door is constructed of 12-inch-thick steelite, a tough anti-rust metal that will stand up to the most desperate enemy attack.

Tunnel scanner

drawing of the Marineville tunnel scanner
Atlanta, daughter of Commander Shore, to view craft at the tunnel's ocean entrance and as they pass through its interior. If necessary, Atlanta can refuse entry to craft which arouse her suspicion. At the press of a button she can raise or close the huge door which seals the entrance.
Background information on Marineville originally published in Stingray 1966 annual