Generating plant

drawing of the Marineville power plant
Marineville scien­tists have har­nessed the ocean's tide move­ment to drive the power plant's gene­rators. In case of a power failure, Marine­ville can switch over to its reserve plant nearby which con­verts the sun's solar energy into electricity. The plant also con­verts sea water into fresh drinking water.

Car control

drawing of the Marineville car control
Most senior wasp officials are supplied with a staff car which are garaged in the car control. Here the vehicles are kept in first-class mechanical condition. Like all wasp vehicles, the staff cars are radio linked with base. The car control also has a number of salvage vehicles, used to tow crashed vehicles to the control for repair.

Fire station

drawing of the Marineville fire station
Marineville can boast of having one of the most extensive fire-warning systems of any town in the world. If a fire does break out and is unable to be controlled by the automatic extinguishers built into offices and homes, Marineville's fire station goes into action. On call is a fleet of twenty fire tenders, each equipped with high-powered hoses, which spray fire-smothering foam and other anti-flame chemicals.


drawing of the Marineville hospital
The Marineville hospital is recognised as one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in the world and a team of 300 specialists, doctors and nurses is on call night and day. One of the most interesting aspects of the hospital is the research work carried out in Marine laboratories. Researches include the job of finding out how man can best adapt himself to a marine existence.

Ambulance bay

drawing of the Marineville ambulance bay
The Marineville hospital is equipped with a fleet of high-powered ambulances, capable of speeds of up to 150 mph. Each ambulance is like a miniature hospital, complete with operating theatre. The unique suspension on these vehicles allows a patient to be rushed to hospital without any discomfort from movement or vibration. The ambulance bay is housed beneath the hospital. Each ambulance is linked by a videophone to base. In the event of emergency operations, specialists at the hospital are able to relay instructions to the ambulance doctor via the videophone.
Background information on Marineville originally published in Stingray 1966 annual