World Aquanaut Security Patrol

the WASP logo

The World Aquanaut Security Patrol was founded in 2062 when it separated from the World Navy. Its main brief is to maintain safety and guarantee unfettered exploitation of the Earth's seas – both above and under water. Its HQ is located in Marineville, FA. and all wasp operations are supervised by Commander Sam Shore. With the aid of the complicated devices at his disposal, Cmdr. Shore can send his craft to any point at any ocean as soon as difficulties arise and, with the assistance of his daughter Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, he co-ordinates their actions using the Automatic Sea Map, a huge electronic map which shows the position of every wasp vehicle.

The wasp HQ boasts a wide spread system of control stations, many of which are completely automated. Others, situated in the more well-travelled sea straits are manned by wasp personnel. wasp's pride and spearhead of all actions are its submarines of the Stingray class, one of which is commanded by Captain Troy Tempest and Lieutenant Lee 'Phones' Sheridan.