Stingray cutaway drawing
Surface videoscan videoscope
Aft bulkhead with access to monocopter bay
Conning tower hatch — videoscan arm
below swings clear when hatch in use
Main control cabin — captain sits to port, hydrophone operator to
starboard facing main instrument board in front; behind captain,
companion ladder leads to lower deck wardroom, crews' sleeping
quarters, galley and access to engine rooms and equipment bays
Auxiliary instrument console
Standby lounge with navigation library and table
Atomic generator feeds twin motors
driving the Drumman WASP hydrojet
Contra-rotating antitorque eddy damper
Port hydroplane
Aft trim tanks
Starboard aquasprite launcher [see left]
Prestressed honeycomb laminated monocoque hull
Port aquasprite (two man underwater 'jeep') [see right]
Auxiliary engine room
Electronics bay
Pressurised diaphraghm air-from-water extractors
Air compressors and reserve storage (starboard
compartment not shown, houses recycling unit)
Sting missile bay
Stabilising fin
Booster units on pylon support
Sting missile launcher
For'ard trim tanks

Technical specifications published originally in TV21 1965 annual

Stingray blueprint
Phil Rae's Stingray blueprint published originally in SIG #8
©1983 Philip D. Rae
a large scale model of Stingray held by a Master Models employee for closer inspection
The large scale model from Master Models being shown off
image sourced from Master Models' website
Stingray side elevation
Side elevation
Stingray plan
Stingray reverse plan
Reverse plan
Stingray front elevation
Front elevation
Stingray back elevation
Rear elevation

Elevations published originally in Stingray model sheet

Stingray exiting the underwater launch tunnel
Technical Specifications
name: Stingray
description: Repeated, in colour, by request, from TV Century 21 No. 4 Universe Edition
Just off the Secret List is this detailed plan-drawing of Stingray. Released by Marineville's Office of Information, the drawing shows in detail the workings of the wasp patrol vessel.
Lieutenant-Commander Jargon, Chief Information Officer, pointed out that certain parts of Stingray's power and drive were still on the secret list. Nevertheless, this is the first time any real details of Stingray have been published.
designer: Reg Hill