submarine aircraft carrier

submarine aircraft carrier cutaway drawing
drawing of the submarine aircraft carrier at sea

The giant Sub­ma­rine Air­craft Car­rier is the pride of the World Navy. The 220,000-ton carrier is powered by three atomic jet engines mounted at the stern. The whisper-quiet Seabolt power units create tremendous thrust and heat. This in fact causes a wake of boiling sea water behind the carrier. The carrier has a crew of 17,000 men and an armoury of 200 strike aircraft and 100 sea-to-sea and sea-to-air missiles. The mile-long top deck has a honeycomb of hatches through which the aircraft are catapulted. As many as thirty aircraft can take off simultaneously. The Submarine Aircraft Carrier is highly manoeuvrable and is capable of a speed of 100 knots.

Technical description published originally in Stingray 1966 annual