terror fish cutaway drawing
Main control console
Normal crew: two aquaphibians
Viewing port 'eyes' of laminated construction
The outer rim holds a series of lighting units; the beams from these
are transmitted through the thickness of the quartz and focused by
means of polarization to form a single searchlight from each 'eye'
Laser beam projector for cutting through obstacles
Main armament of six deadly missiles
Stabilizing fin with retractable periscope
Stabilizing fins on either side of the craft
Fuel and ballast tanks
Twin motors for forward propulsion; these work on a Turboflow
Aquajet principle and are powered by grenatol, a fuel developed
by Titan's scientists; average speed 550 knots
Generators for power supply to auxiliaries
Radio, aquascan and radar room
Rudder servos behind rear bulkhead
Rudder with full horizontal
and rotating movement for
fast manoeuvering
Outer armour plating partly retracted to show entry hatch
Hull constructed of fused coral Titanium
manufactured to Titan's own formula
Hinged lower jaw in dropped position for instant missile release

Technical specifications published originally in Stingray 1966 annual

terror fish
Technical Specifications
name: Terror Fish
description: The following specifications were issued by the wasp information unit to combat crews as an identification aid. They were prepared from reports of marine engineers who examined a "tin terror" captured recently by Captain Troy Tempest. It is believed that minor modifications have been made to more recently launched marks.
designer: Derek Meddings