fact sheet
Name: Titan
Status: Ruler of Titanica
Date of birth: December 14th, 1835
Age: 231
Series: Stingray
Voice artist: Ray Barrett
Source: Stingray 1965 Annual

Titan is the ruler of the underwater city of Titanica and chief enemy of the surface people. Born in the underwater city of Hydroma in the Pacific Ocean on December 14th 1835, the young Titan became a scientist. Observations of nuclear weapons testing during the latter half of the 20th century convinced Titan that the existence of the underwater world should be revealed to the surface dwellers before something terrible happened. The rulers of Hydroma were afraid of the surface people and refused to disclose their existence. Hydroma was completely destroyed by a surface nuclear bomb test while Titan was out of the city in a personal submarine. He was the only survivor of this disaster and swore revenge upon the surface world.

Titan roamed the undersea world in his small sub for five years after the destruction of Hydroma charting the various underwater cities and civilizations. At one point, he killed a giant squid which attacked him and found himself surrounded by Aquaphibians. These Aquaphibians made Titan their leader in gratitude for slaying the monster which had preyed upon them with impunity. Titan led the Aquaphibians back to the ruins of Hydroma and there they built the new city of Titanica. Years of conquest followed for the next 100 years until much of the underwater world was under Titanican control. During this time, Titan nearly destroyed the underwater city of Pacifica and took the Pacifican leader Aphony's daughter Marina as his personal slave.

In 2064 Titan felt ready to take on the surface world directly and declared war by destroying the World Security Patrol submarine Seaprobe. This led to the first official encounter between the underwater and surface worlds with the capture of wasp vessel Stingray. The Stingray crew, Troy Tempest and George Sheridan were condemned to die at the underwater prison of Aquatraz but escaped with the help of Marina at the last minute. A constant state of hostili­ties exist between the forces of Titanica and the surface world.

For all his evil ways, Titan is still a scientist. He experiments with undersea plant life and new weapons.