fact sheet
Troy Tempest
Name: Troy Tempest
Rank: Captain
Function: Stingray commander
Date of birth: January 4th, 2038
Age: 28
Series: Stingray
Voice artist: Don Mason
Source: Stingray 1965 Annual

Troy Tempest, an American citizen, was born in New York on January 4th 2038. A good student in school as a child, he was often reprimanded by teachers for inattention. Strong interests in oceanography, tropical fish, and swimming prepared him for entry into the World Naval Academy at San Diego ca in 2056 at the age of 18. Upon graduation from the World Naval Academy, Tempest volunteered for the submarine service.

In 2060, Troy Tempest was captured by enemy forces while on a dangerous mission for the World Navy. He was rescued just prior to execution by a group of mercenaries led by George Lee Sheridan, the man who would later become his co-pilot on one of the submarines of the Stingray class.

In 2064 Tempest was promoted to Captain and transferred from the World Navy to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. Captain Bradley Holden, commander of a Stingray submarine, was seriously injured in the line of duty. Tempest replaced Holden as commander of the submarine. After recovering from his injuries, Bradley Holden later joined Spectrum as Captain Grey.

Captain Tempest became the immediate subject of ridicule as a member of the wasps because of his belief in intelli­gent undersea life. Tempest's odd views were vindicated when he and Lt. Sheridan made the first official contact with undersea people in 2064.

Troy Tempest's off duty hobbies include sailing and underwater plant horticulture. He maintains romantic inte­rests in Lt. Atlanta Shore, daughter of wasp Commander Sam Shore, and in Marina, aquaphibian daughter of Aphony, leader of the underwater city of Pacifica.